AIPD EP168 – 9/2/2020 – Story 1

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You're Mr. Walkett, a guy who is going for a walk around the city. While walking, you see one of your friends riding his bike. You want to talk to him, but he doesn't notice you. In order to get his attention, you grab a rock and throw it at him. The rock hits your friend who falls off his bike and breaks his leg. You realize that your friend has a valuable bike, so you take his bike and start walking to the antique store.

The police are walking over to a man with a broken leg and see you riding his bike.
> You say "Catch me if you can you fucking pigs!"
You ride your friend's bike to the antique store before the police see you and lock you up in jail.
You give birth to a son in jail, they allow you to raise, but not love it. Fortunately you win custody of it in an agreement with the state.
You use your one phone call to call your friend whose bike you stole and tell him this might be his son. He agrees to take the child, but this means you will never be free of jail.
You will spend the rest of your life in jail.
> You decide to keep the child until you get out of jail in six months.
You are given a choice...
You may either get 10 lashes for losing a fight or eat the hospital food for two weeks straight.
Life is not so bad...
> You decide to have both.
The two weeks pass and so does the 10 lashes, but you mainly feel angry that you were given such a cruel punishment.
You spend the next three months throwing up hospital food and laying in bed.
> You take your son for longs walks inside the prison grounds. You do pushups with your son for fun.
You continue taking your son for long walks until one day he gets taken away from you. Your son was a mistake.
You realize you'll never forgive yourself and spend the rest of your life in a low mood.
You find religion and get out early from jail for good behavior after 5 years.  You decide to find your son and reunite.
You have a job waiting for you in the city.
You ride your newly acquired bike to the hospital... it is a long ride so you take a break at a local park.
The police approach you and say "We have reports of a stolen bike.  Do you know anything about it?"
You say "No, I just got this from a friend. No point in getting me excited."
You have been taken into custody.
> You see one of the cops is shorter than the others. It is your seven-year-old son. He is a baby cop.
You say "Son! I am your father."
The cops look at each other and drop their guard. This is your chance...
You dash forward and punch one of the cops.
You son looks at you surprised and disappointed.  You offer him a chance to run away with you.  He thinks it over and says "NO!"
You are overwhelmed by baby cops and spend the next three years in a small cage.
> You request a transfer to an adult-sized prison.
You go on to serve eighteen long years in prison until you are released for good behavior.
> You steal a bike and ride it to Mexico to lead a new life.
You ride through the night and take a break in a small town.
The police approach you and ask "You do not look like you belong here. Are you sure you have the right place?
> You say "Of course you have the right place. Are you racists?" "
"We are not, but you don't look like you belong here."
"I am from out of town. I was taking a ride through the night and this is the only place I could find to rest."
They jump you into the Mexican cartel. The crime ring forces you into drug dealing for them.
You decide to turn yourself in and tell the truth about why you ran.