AIPD EP167 – 8/31/2020 – Story 2

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You are Jim.  You are at the yearly Twitch award ceremony.  You and your friends Jason and Tony are being nominated for best new Twitch stream for your show called AIPD.  Dr. Disrespect and Ninja are presenting the award to you when they start to give you friendly insults in front of the crowd.  They insult your show by saying...
Dr. Disrespect-"This AIPD show is the best new show on Twitch. I've got to hand it to you, that's what I'm talking about!
> You ask Doc what his favorite episode is.
You ask him what his favorite episode is. He mumbles and says episode 5 when you all became zombies and had to eat Brandon, the guy who was streaming before you.
"I remember that day fondly."
> You accept the award happily on behalf of the three of you.  You give a speech to the huge crowd.  You start your speech by saying...
"Thank you all for this award! We'll continue to bring you great commentary and entertainment as we always have!"
"I look forward to continuing to entertain you all with AIPD."
> You your pants fall down accidentally and the audience laughs.
You continue your speech and your pants fall down and the crowd laughs. You feel embarrassed and laugh with the crowd before awkwardly continuing your speech.
The CEO of Twitch rushes the stage and grabs the microphone away from you.  He says, "I'm sorry that is against TOS, you are banned, effective immediately!"  The crowds boos.
"Tune in to see these three streamers on a different website!"
You, Jason, and Tony begin to gather your things.
> You convince Jason and Tony to stream AIPD to PornHub.  They agree and your first show is tonight.
You convinced Jason and Tony to stream your show to PornHub. The three of you sit down to start the stream.
> You do the stream as normal, the chat is understandably confused.  They demand to see your feet or take your pants off.
You have no choice, but to follow the orders of the chat.
"We'll try again."
You take off your pants and put on the crab walk pose. The crowd goes crazy.
> You then show only your feet to the webcam.
The chat is confused and angry. Someone spams the chat with the message "Show your dick."
"We'll try one more time."
You sit down and show your whole crotch to the webcam.
Your stream does very well, the donations start rolling in.
"We did it guys, we're rich!"
"Let's celebrate by streaming Overwatch."
You and your friends begin playing and streaming. You have the biggest following on Twitch.
> You get a call from Jeff Bezos begging you to leave Pornhub and return to Twitch.
Bezos begs you to leave and come back to Twitch. It's the biggest offer you've ever gotten.
"Leave them for dead, we can start our own site."
You start your own site: AIPD.TV where it is 90 percent ads, 5 percent your feet, and 5 percent the show. It tanks. You lose money and are forced to return to Pornhub.
You become a bartender.
Jeff Bezos comes to your bar and orders a drink.  He asks "Don't you regret not taking my offer?"
You think to yourself: "I'm drinking for free, sitting in an air conditioned bar. What do I have to complain about?"
Your pants fall down and you laugh of the irony.
On your grave it says: "Here lies Zidane, the man who showed his dick on the internet."