AIPD EP165 – 8/29/2020 – Story 2

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Your name is Tony.  You are in high school Algebra class.  You feel your stomach becoming very upset and you need to shit immediately.  You stand up and begin to leave the classroom but the teacher yells at you to sit down, so you sit down and clench are ass cheeks with all your might.
You get through most of the class but by then your ass is filled to the brim with shit. You can no longer clench.
You waddle to the nearest Men's room, all the bathroom stalls are taken. One of them is blowing diarrhea through his ass and the sound is echoing throughout the room, another one is vomiting, and still another is smoking meth and is waving a gun around while he tries to light his cigarette.
> You try the ladies bathroom instead.
A hot young blonde girl is standing in front of the mirror putting on makeup.
"Whatcha doin?" you ask her.
"Putting on my make.... oh it's you..."
You say "watch this, baby," then enter a stall and take a huge dump with the door open. You are happy your stomach is empty because you would hate to disappoint all the people who are patiently waiting outside.
> You look around the stall and realize there is no toilet paper.
The pretty blonde walks over. "Do you need toilet paper?" she asks in a motherly tone that you really appreciate right now.
She opens up her purse and hands you a travel size packet of Kleenex.
> You "Thanks. Let me make it up to you by taking you to prom."
She giggles and says "Sure thing."
You and the pretty blonde go to prom together. She is one of the most popular girls in high school and you are one of the least popular boys.
You pick her up in a limo you rented, you get out and knock on her door. It's prom night, and you are very nervous. She opens the door and your jaw drops.
"Wow," you say.
She is wearing a beautiful blue dress and has her blonde hair pulled up in a bun.
"How do I look?" she asks.
> You say "amazing" and you feel your stomach begin to rumble.
"Let's go," you say, and get in the limo before your stomach erupts.
You arrive at the dance and have a wonderful time. You and the pretty blonde girl dance, laugh, and talk.
> You say "I have to go to the bathroom. You want to come watch again?"
"Yeah!" she says.
In the bathroom, you go into a stall and begin to take a huge shit while your girlfriend waits outside.
> You say "You're not like other girls. I feel like I can be myself around you. You want to get out of here? "
She asks "Are you going to hold it for me again?"
"Fuck no!" you exclaim. "Let's get the fuck out of here, we can do something else."
She says "No, let's stay here in the bathroom and kiss"
You say "Fuck that, let's go back to the limo." You leave the bathroom and meet up with your girlfriend outside the school.
"What's the deal?" she asks.
> You say "I need to know that you like me for who I am, and not just for the poop I hold in my butt."
You drop it and run.You run back into the dance crying. All your friends and classmates realize what a huge mistake you have made by walking away from this girl that loved you so much.
You leave the dance with your head down and meet your girlfriend at the limo.
> You say "I'm sorry.  I am an asshole.  I apologize, and I promise to never poo again.  I will hold it in forever, just for you."
She says "I forgive you, let's go back to the dance."
You hold hands and walk back into the dance. You win Prom King and Queen and spend the rest of night together.
> You say "By the way, what's your name?"
She says "Jennifer.
You shit your pants. Jennifer is the most popular girl in high school and you just promised to hold your poop for her. You think about breaking up but she is so pretty it makes you want to cry.