AIPD EP165 – 8/29/2020 – Story 1

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You are Matt Damon, an actor that's tired of being mistaken for Mark Wahlberg. You decide to invite Mark Wahlberg to your house. After Mark arrives, you start dragging him to your bathroom. Mark asks, "What's going on?" You say, "I'm going to change how you look." You toss Mark into a tub full of purple paint. You explain, "That paint is permanent. It can never wash off." Mark's skin is now purple. You laugh.
"You're purple forever, Marky. Thanks for the visit."
Congratulations! You reached the end of The Giver: Mark Wahlberg Edition.
You tell Hans Gruber, the villian from Die Hard, what you did.  Hans laughs. "I have an extra ticket to my favorite sold out show, Cats. Want to go?"
You say, "Why not?"
You enjoy the wonderful show.
> You and Hans Gruber go to a piano bar after the show and request all the songs from Cats.
Hans laughs. "You're a crazy bastard!" He takes you to a piano bar and you both request all the songs from Cats as well as other songs from musicals.
You go to Nakamoni tower with Hans for an after party.
You go home very happy.
You reached a good ending in The Giver: Mark Wahlberg Edition!
> You go to Hans' penthouse apartment in Nakamoni tower.  You tells you to sit down on the couch as he puts on his record of Cats on the stereo and serves you a nice glass of white wine.
You sit down on the couch. Hans gives you the glass of wine and sits next to you. He puts his hand on your thigh. You flinch.
You ask Hans to drag you to the bedroom. He does so and tosses you on the bed. You laugh. "Are you going to f--k me, Hans?"
Hans gets on top of you and opens your pants. He puts his head in your crotch and begins to lick your...
You wake up. It was a dream.
> You wake up from your dream.  You are lying in Hans' bed.  You hear him singing in the shower.
Hans Gruber is a man of his word. He comes out the bathroom, singing.
"I just dreamt, I was piloting a giant bee... and there you were..."
> You point at your crotch and say, "How about you pilot this D?"
Hans gives you a thumbs up. "You're a funny guy, Mr. Dayton."
Hans and you make love until the wee hours of the morning. You can barely move.
> You say "What do you want for breakfast, Hans?"
Hans gets out of bed. "I want to go to a diner and get some pancakes and bacon."
Hans dresses in a nice suit and you both leave the apartment.
At the diner, you run into Mark Wahlberg who is still covered in purple paint.  You try to hide, but he see's you and decides to sit down with you and Hans.
"Hey guys, why did you ditch me last night at the Golden Globes?" Mark asks with a frown.
> You say "We went to see Cats instead.  Did you get our text?"
"Yeah, but why did you guys ditch me?"
"We were having so much fun at the show, we lost track of time!"
Mark doesn't seem convinced, but shrugs it off.
> You compliment Mark on his edition of The Giver.
"Yeah, it's my favorite book."
You engage in small talk with him until he gets up to go to the bathroom.
> You and Hans leave the Diner without telling Mark.  You leave the bill for him to pay.
You leave the diner and go back to the Nakamoni tower.