AIPD – 8/9/2020 – Story #1 – Hordak

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You are Hordak, Horde Prime's "little brother" and the leader of the Evil Horde Empire.

Your empire is currently engaged in a brutal war with the heroic Rebellion, who you have dubbed the Evil Warriors. While the name is only one word different from the "Good"
You conquered the planet Etheria with the help of a sorceress named Shadow Weaver and Force-Captain Catra. You are dead-set on defeating She-Ra, the leader of the Great Rebellion. However, deep down, you're not that bad a guy. You just need a friend.
You currently lead your horde into battle against the Rebellion, striking fear into the hearts of their soldiers.
> You call up He Man for a booty call.
He-Man, muscular, blonde and ripped, slams his fist into a Lizard Warrior's face, killing him instantly.
"Come on!"
> You decide to seduce He Man and force him to become a simp.
You have a major thing for He Man. Ever since he came into your palace to stop you, you wanted him in the worst way.
> You see Skeletor enter the room, He Man is too much of a puss to fight back anymore.
Skeletor, your ex-lawyer, betrayer and all-around pain in the ass, enters the room.
Skeletor tells you that Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, is dropping the lawsuit due to how evil you have become. He then gives you a card, saying that he found it in the woods.
You read the card, it says:
WANTED: Evil-doers, Nazis, War-criminals, Haters, Trolls, Mr. Badwounds and other villains to join the US Army.
> You decide to meet with Mr. Badwounds.
Mr. Badwounds is a shady-looking man with an eye-patch and a parrot on his shoulder.
"Listen here, Mr. Badwounds."
"It's Captain."
> You say "Captain Badwounds, we need to team up.  Also I'm looking for a friend, if that sounds good to you."
"Sounds like a deal!"
The man holds out his hand. You step forward, shaking it.
"So, what are you in to?" You ask, eying the parrot.
> You undress for Captain Badwounds.
Captain Badwounds and you begin kissing. You lick his lips, as he tastes the inside of your mouth. You begin to undo his belt, as he begins to feel you up.
> You lie down on the bed and just let it happen.
You lie down on the bed, as Captain Badwounds lies on top of you. You look at his cold, dead eyes, and shudder. He begins to feel you up, as he takes off your clothes.
> You say "Fuck me!"
Captain Badwounds slowly enters you, as you lie there, taking in the pain. After an hour of painful sex, he begins to go faster. You moan loudly as you begin to have an orgasm.