AIPD – 8/17/2020 – Story #1

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You are Jason, a streamer who has returned from his vacation. You want to get the gang back together and continue making AIPD. However, Tony says he can't be on tonight's stream. You ask why. Tony says, "I have to watch Sister Act 2. I still haven't seen the ending of it." Jim says, "Unlike Tony, I'm going to watch a good film tonight." Tony and Jim start arguing about the artistic merit of films. You want them to stop arguing and start focusing on making AIPD. You find a solution. You say,
You go out to the lobby, where people are waiting in line to see the movie theater. The theater is showing the latest superhero movie.
> You see Tony has actually snuck into Sister Act 3: Infinity Stones.
You see a bunch of people standing in line for the latest superhero movie. You join the line and wait. When you finally get tickets to the movie, you go watch it.
> You sit down behind Tony and start speaking loudly to annoy him knowing he doesn't turn around and get caught.
"Hey, this movie is pretty good." You say.
"I wouldn't know." He says, not turning around. "I can't see it. The screen is behind you."
You chuckle.
> You throw a hotdog at the back of Tony's head.
You throw a hotdog from the concessions and hit him in the back of the head. He immediately turns around to see who the hell threw a hotdog at him. You get up and run out of the theater.
> You wait 15 minutes and then enter the other door of the theater and sit down disguised in a trench coat.  Jim is standing on your shoulders so it looks like you are 10 feet tall.
Jim starts laughing. "Aha, I have returned." He says.
"What the fuck Jim? Why'd you leave?" Asks a confused yet amused Tony.
"I had to go take a shit."
> You ask Tony "How is the movie so far?  I know how it ends."
"It's great so far." He answers.
You watch the movie. You enjoy it thoroughly. It is one of the best movies you have ever seen.
> You leave the movie right as the credits roll and tell management to check Tony's ticket.
You leave and tell the management to check Tony's ticket. They call security on him.
"That's it!" Yells one of the theater employees. "Everyone please leave, this man has been harassing other customers."
He turns to you and says, "Leave or we will call the police."
You leave and the cops pull up.
> You go to the cops and describe Tony to them.  You tell them he snuck into the theater and needs to be punished.
You go to the cops. You tell them that your friend snuck into the theater and needs to be arrested.
Tony is sued by AMC for years worth of sneaking into other movies. He is tracked down by the FBI for downloading a pirated version of Pacific Rim. He commits suicide soon afterwards.
> You call Tony and he tells you that he faked his own death to avoid the FBI.
"Dude, I'm not dead." He tells you on the phone.
You hang up.
> You summon Dark Mickey from the depths of the Disney vault to apprehend Tony.
You find a piece of paper and write a letter to the thought police. You describe every detail of what happened. Soon, a knock on the door comes. You open it, and a group of large men throw you against the wall. You are taken into custody and shoved into a car.
> You are brought to the office of Walt Disney.  He is just a head in a jar on a desk.  He gives you a stern look.
Walt says, "Tell me everything."
> You tell Walt all about Tony and his years of buying tickets to Sister Act 2 when he really was seeing other movies.
Walt nods along, listening to your story.
"We've been watching him for a while." He says. "He's been lying and scheming for quite some time. He deserves this."
> You the wall opens up to reveal Tony strapped to a steel table.  His eyes are being held open and he is being forced to watch the Sister Act movie to brainwash him.
"You like this movie, don't you?"
"Yes." He says weakly.
"There is your friend. He can never bother you again."
> You try to talk to Tony, but he only recites lines from Sister Act 2.
"Have you ever picked a flower?"
"Here's one I prepared earlier."
A large man grabs you from behind and puts a needle in your neck. You feel a sharp prick and you pass out.
> You wake up strapped to a steel table with your eyes being held open.  You are forced to watch Tony being forced to watch Sister Act.
The movie ends and you pass out.
"What happened?"
You open your eyes. You are lying on the floor, with a splitting headache.