AIPD – 8/10/2020 – Story #3 – Mr. Chadington

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You are Mr. Chadington, and your dream is to be the Ultimate Chad in the Chad Gym. You have spent most of your life training at this gym, and have recently turned pro. Your dream is to win the belt, but you're not quite there yet.
> You begin to spar with another Chad in the gym.  You two get very sweaty.
You and your opponent begin sparring, throwing blows and blocks. It's an even match, but after a few minutes you get hit with a lucky shot to the temple. You crumple to the ground.
> You train as hard as you ever have in your life.  You eat only the most healthy superfoods.  You beg Chad to a rematch.
You and your opponent trade blows, each block the others. You see an opening, and land a punch square to his jaw.
> You pin him to the ground.
The other chad lies on the ground, unable to fight. You raise your fist in victory.
A young fighter screams in horror, "You killed him with a wrestling move!" He throws his arms around you and gives you a big hug. You push him off, laughing.
You go to train with your trainer.
You eat only the most healthy superfoods.
You ask your trainer "I'd like to schedule a fight for the Ultimate Chad Belt. I think I'm ready"
"Well you're the boss" he replies, "Who would you like to fight?
> You say "The current champion"
The trainer looks at you in horror, and exclaims "But he's the best in the land!"
"I know I can beat him," you reply.
You step in the ring with Big Chad Bellemy, also known as Mike Tyson 2.  Big Chad looks terrifyingly strong. You begin to wonder if you can beat him.
You train as hard as you ever have in your life. You eat only the most healthy superfoods. You beg Chad to a rematch.
> You fight the ultimate Chad for the Ultimate Chad Championship Belt.
The bell rings, beginning the match. You step towards him, but a quick punch to the face doubles you over. You fall to the ground. He keeps punching you until the ref pulls him off you.
You flashback to your training and remember what your coach told you to do in this situation: fight dirty!
You spit in his face and he looks enraged. He grabs your neck, but you do the same. After a few moments of strangling each other, the ref pulls you off.
> You lean in to kiss him.  You take advantage of his confusion and punch him right in the head.
He falls to the ground and you throw all your weight on him, trying to keep him down. He manages to throw you off, but you do enough damage that he is slow to get up.
> You throw pocket sand right in his eys and go for the ultimate uppercut.
You win the match and scream in joy, jumping around the ring.
Your trainer helps you out of the ring, yelling "Great job kid! You really showed him what you were made of!"
> You your foot slips while getting out of the ring and you fall onto a rake.
You awake in a hospital, with your trainer and mom sitting next to you. "You really messed up kid" says the trainer, "You broke your nose, two ribs, and your toe." Your mom looks horrified.
The doctor walks in and puts up your X-rays.  He tells you that you can never wrestle box again. You ask him "Why not just cast my foot?" He replies "If we did that, you would never walk again."
You begin to cry. The doctor walks out of the room and your trainer follows.
> You say "Doctor, wait, don't go.  I want you to cast my foot."
The doctor looks at you with pity in his eyes and says "Sorry kid, but you don't want that."
You yell "Yes I do, just cast it!"
> You pin the doctor to the ground and say "DO IT! CAST IT NOW!"
The doctor looks terrified. He screams for help, but you knock him out. Your mom walks in and sees you standing over the doctor with a bloody fist.
Your mom says, "That's my boy!" and high-fives you.
You both drag the doctor into the room and your mom begins to work on him. She says "We should wait until he wakes up to cast it."
> You cast the doctor's foot before he regains consciousness.
Your mom looks at you and says "We don't have time to wait." She looks at the doctor's leg and screams "I'M SORRY!" She crushes his foot with a hammer and casts it.
The Doctor does the surgery from his wheelchair and as he predicted, you are not able to walk anymore.  You wheelchair fight with the doctor in your recovery room. He beats you by cheating, using his wheelchair to knock you out of yours.
The doctor pins you to the ground.  The doctor's name is Chad and he wins the Ultimate Chad Championship Belt.
Or is it?  You surprise the doctor at his home while he is sleeping.  You pin him and tell the ref to start counting.
Or is it? You call a boxing match against the doctor. You win and you earn the Ultimate Chad Championship Belt.