AIPD – 8/10/2020 – Story #1

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You are Nigel Woodsworth, an internet critic who's reviewing a show called AIPD. In your review, you say, "AIPD is a silly, raunchy show that lacks character depth, complexity and emotional weight. I can't recommend the show." Jason, the founder of AIPD explains that AIPD is a fun, comedic show that helps give people a good time. Jason asks you to take down your pretentious review, but you refuse to. How does your relationship with the show's founder progress?

a) You refuse to budge, and the review stays up.

b) You realize your mistake, and take down the review.
> You choose option C.
You decide to take the third choice, "Learn to share." You change your review to, "AIPD is a great show that's loads of fun and can be enjoyed by all!"
You ask Jason if you can be a guest host on tonight's episode. He agrees. You realize your mistake, and you take down your review, but it's too late. Your first and only appearance on AIPD is a failure.
> You write a review of Steve Harvey's show, Family feud.
You watch Steve Harvey, an American Family Feud host. He's a large, middle-aged man with slicked back hair and a charming smile.
You begin to binge watch the last 5 seasons of Family Feud for research. You notice that there's a pattern in the answers that people give. For instance, whenever someone is asked "Name a place people go on vacation", the answer is always "Hawaii."
> You learn all the answers and then come on the show with your family.
The day of the show comes, and you step on set. Steve Harvey is a large, middle-aged man with slicked back hair and a charming smile.
Steve Harvey leans in and says to you "I heard you're doing a review of this show.  I hope it's good, for your sake"
You and your family sit in the contestant section, and wait for your name to be called. When it is, you step on set.
"So, tell me about yourself," Steve Harvey says.
> You say "I am a man of integrity and I write reviews of my honest no filtered opinion!"
"Wow, you sound just like me," Steve Harvey says. "Please tell me, why are you on the show?"
> You say "Because I know all the answers"
"Well then, we're both here for the same reason!" Steve Harvey exclaims.
You both advance to the final round, and split a $10,000 prize.
> You say "So Steve, are you a fan of AIPD?"
"AIPD?" Steve asks. "I don't think I've heard of it."
> You say "Well Steve, AIPD is an internet game show that I was a host on one time"
"Oh yeah, the internet," Steve says.
> You solve the question and advance to the fast money round where the grand prize is a brand new Jeep Compass.
You solve the question correctly and win the $50,000 grand prize.
"Thank you for answering my questions," Steve Harvey says. "You were a real professional."
Steve Harvey visits your dressing room after the show and says to you "You know, we let you win that prize of purpose.  I hope you right a good review, if you know what's good for you"
> You write a scathing review of the show and reveal that it is rigged and Steve Harvey skims money off the prize pool.
You write a negative review of Steve Harvey's show and expose him for cheating on the show.
Steve Harvey sues you for libel and wins.
You call Steve Harvey on the phone and say "I'm sorry about everything, can we be friends?"
You settle the case for $100,000. You use this money to start up a new website.
You begin a podcast where you interview celebrities and give them a chance to defend themselves from bad reviews.
> You do your show live and your first guest is Ellen DeGeneres.
"Thanks for having me on your podcast," she says. "I really want to defend myself from those mean things that were said about me on the internet."
"I'm glad you came on," you say. "So what do you want to start with?"
"Oh, I don't know," she says. "Why don't we just talk about something."
> You say "I heard you are mean and degrading to your employees.  Is that true?"
"Who told you that?" she asks.
"The internet," you say.
"Of course," she says. "I'm mean to my employees because I want the best for them."
> You say "Do you every hit your employees?"
"No, I don't hit them," she says. "I need them to do their job right."