AIG Rick and Morty Ep 3 – Breaking Jerry

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Jerry has decide to start cooking meth to provide for his family.  Rick thinks this hilarious and helps him out.
Wow Rick, where'd you learn to make such pure drugs?

 I mean it's so good!
Oh, that's easy. I've been doing it for years. My dad was a chemist in the army. He taught me all about making meth when I was just a kid.

Jerry decide to start selling meth and the Church bake sale.  Jerry knows drugs will be frowned upon, so he hides the drugs in his favorite baked good:
MARY (voice over)
They're so delicious! You should try one of these. They're my best recipe.
I'm not going to eat your food.

Jerry notices no one is buying his cupcakes, so he offers some free samples.

Try one of my cupcakes and you'll see how good they are.
Rick grabs one from Jerry and takes a bite.
Wow! These are amazing!

Those are the meth cupcakes!
I know.

Everyone at the bake sale hears Jerry say they are meth cupcakes and lines up to buy one.
 Jerry makes $10,000. Mary doesn't want her husband to sell drugs, but she can't help herself. She buys a cupcake and eats it.
Oh, wow!

Mary begins to hallucinate:
She sees a vision of herself on the operating table as she's being injected with an unknown substance. The next thing she knows, she wakes up back in bed, only this time she's covered in blood.

Jerry notices that the meth cupcakes are a hit, but they are changing the town for the worse.
 One day, he meets a man named Ralph who sells him a drug called "meth" which is much stronger than regular meth. Ralph explains that it is legal and is not addictive. It's great because it gives people more energy and makes them feel better.

Ralph labels his "meth" as Meth Zero, the zero calorie alternative to meth.
 Jerry uses the money from selling Meth Zero to buy a large quantity of Meth, the real deal. He plans to use the meth to become rich and powerful.
Jerry gets his hands on a lot of Meth, but he decides to keep some hidden away in case things go south.

Rick notices that Jerry is stockpiling meth in the house and confronts him.
Does the phrase you don't shit where you eat mean nothing to you?

What does that even mean?
It means that if you keep doing what you're doing, it won't end well for you.
I'm not doing anything wrong.

Rick realizes that Jerry's new friend Ralph is a bad influence on him.  Rick pays Ralph a visit.

Listen, Jerry. You need to stop using Meth.
Why? It's so much better than normal meth.
No. Normal meth is fine.

Rick puts the head of Ralph on the table.

But the stuff you're getting isn't. It's strong.
You think it's too strong?
I know it is. I used to get high every day.

Rick tests the 'Meth Zero' and finds out that it is not meth at all and in fact is actully:
An empty bottle of water.
Ralph is able to trick Jerry into thinking he is giving him meth by putting a fake meth baggie in his pocket.
Ralph then convinces Jerry to take the meth he thought was in the baggie.

Jerry confronts Ralph for selling him plastic bottles.

Ralph tells Jerry that the bags were filled with sugar.
Ralph tries to explain to Jerry that the sugar is actually a mixture of corn syrup and dye.
Ralph takes Jerry to a bar where Jerry ends up drinking alcohol instead of the meth Ralph tricked him into taking.

While Jerry is drunk, Ralph convinces him to
 drink a whole glass of the meth.
Ralph gets Jerry to drink more and more until Jerry passes out.
The next morning, Jerry wakes up in his own bed.
How did I get home?

Rick lists all the things Jerry did last night while high out of his mind:

He got drunk, he snorted meth, he drank alcohol, he smoked weed, he had sex with a prostitute, he ate an entire cake, and he passed out.
Rick explains that Jerry has now developed a serious addiction to Meth.

Jerry enters rehab where he encounter famous hollywood celebrity:

Hello, Mr. Stillman.
Who are you?
I am Richard Stillman, the actor.

Richard B Stillman convince Jerry he is a famous hollywood actor that is producing a new movie and would like Jerry to star in.  The movie is called: "Richard B Stillman's
 Drug Addict".
Jerry agrees to do the film and soon becomes addicted to the fame.
This is so cool!
It's quite a production.

The movie is all about
 how Jerry's life spiraled out of control when he started using Meth.
Wow! This is awesome!
Rick tells Jerry that the drug dealer Ralph is still selling the real meth.

Jerry resists temptation, but Ralph finds him
 and Rick
 threatens to kill Jerry if he doesn't continue buying Meth.
Rick convinces Jerry to call Ralph and negotiate a truce.
Look, I don't care what you guys do, but I can't afford any more meth.

Realizing Jerry is now broke, Ralph leaves Jerry alone.
Broke?  What did you buy with all your movie money?

Nothing. I just bought a bunch of junk food.
So you spent your whole fortune on snacks?
Well, yeah. Why not?