AIG Rick and Morty Ep 2 – The Butterfly Effect aka Time Traveling Toe Stubbin’

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​Rick and Morty are being time travel tourists. In 1914, Morty stubs his toe and begins violently swearing preventing the archduke from getting shot and preventing WW1.

Morty you idiot!  We weren't supposed to interfere.  You know, the butterfly effect!

I'm not a moron!
What? What's that then?
Morty looks around. He sees a building with a sign on it.

The sign begins to transform because of the butterfly effect and now the sign says:
 "Pellegrino's Pizza".
Morty turns to Rick and says, "You know what this means?"
Yeah, we're in Italy right now. I can't believe you stubbed your toe.

Morty gets an idea.

Why don't we just go back into time and prevent me from stubbing my toe.

Rick shrugs and they travel to five minutes before Morty stubs his toe.

Okay, so when you get there, you'll be standing right here, but you won't have done anything yet. You won't even remember stubbing your toe. So let's say you do...

The past Morty is so shocked by seeing another Rick and Morty that he stumbles and hits his toe again.

See? It doesn't work. And if it did, why would you want to? The only reason people do things is because they think they should.
Morty walks away.

You know it might be easier to just go to a universe where I didn't mess up, but is it really better?  It seems just so wasteful to ruin an entire universe just because of 1 mistake.

Rick and Morty go to get a slice at the new pizza parlor.
 As they walk in, they see an old man sitting in the corner with a newspaper. They sit down next to him.
"The Times" - the first newspaper in England.
 First edition, December 15th 1666.
They look over the paper. On page two is a story about some poor guy who got killed by a horse. Rick and Morty read the headline aloud.

"Man Dead After Horse Stomped Him To Death."
Rick and Morty look at each other.
Well, that was dumb.
But that's the thing about stupid things, Morty.
 If everyone does them, eventually they become smart.
Morty sits there for a moment. Then he stands up.
Alright, I guess I'll try it.
He walks out of the restaurant and stubs his toe.

Morty turns around and notices the sign transforms from the pizza place to:
 "World War One Museum".
Morty walks into the museum. He goes to a room where he can see the Archduke Ferdinand getting shot. He turns around and walks out.
Morty runs into a small child who is running around the museum.

Mommy! Mommy! Look at the bullet hole in the wall!
Morty looks at the bullet hole.
Oh, wow. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Morty then sprawls to the ground when he realize the exhibit is firing live rounds into the crowd.

Aahh!! Aahh!!!
He scrambles to get out of the way as a soldier fires a gun.
Morty gets hit in the shoulder and falls to the floor.

Rick enters the museum and
 helps Morty up.
Come on, let's get outta here.
Morty starts to walk away, but stops and turns back.
I just stubbed my toe.

The museum transforms into:
 "World War Two Museum".
Morty walks through the museum. He comes across a room where a German soldier is kneeling.
Please, no more.
 Please, stop.
Morty walks up to the soldier and puts his hand on the soldier's shoulder.
It's okay. It's gonna be alright.
The soldier cries and covers his face.

Morty holds his hand on the soldier's shoulder and looks at him.
You're safe now.
Morty walks away.
Morty walks into the same room he saw earlier.

As Morty walks away, the solider is killed by a wax Hilter.

Morty walks into the museum again.
This is bullshit.
He walks into the same room he saw earlier.
Morty walks away and finds himself in front of a museum dedicated to the Korean War.

Morty walks into the museum.
Oh, come on! Why are all these museums named after wars?
He walks into the same room he saw earlier.
Are you kidding me?

He walks away and finds himself in front of a museum dedicated to the Vietnam War.
Morty walks into the museum.
Jesus Christ! There's like three of these things!

Morty goes to a walk and begins stubbing his toe over and over until they are in a world with no war museums.

Morty walks into the museum.
So what the hell happened here?
Morty walks out of the museum.
What's wrong with you, Rick?

Rick is staring at the sign, which now reads: ​War Museum Museum.

Oh, well, that makes sense.
Morty looks at the sign.
Why would we name a museum dedicated to war after a war?
Because if you don't, someone else will.

You go into the future to see the ramifications of creating a War Museum Museum.  The entire planet is museums, history has replaced religion, everything is recorded and written down with incredible detail.

Morty and Rick walk into the future.
There's nothing left to learn, Morty.
Morty walks into the future and sees a very advanced civilization.
Morty and Rick walk into the future.

​You discover the following 10 war history facts:

1. World War II was fought between 1939 and 1945.
2. During World War II, the United States and Allied forces were able to gain control of most of Europe and Japan.