AIG Rick and Morty Ep 1 – Rick and Morty are on a planet made entirely out of Cocaine where six armed aliens live.

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Rick and Morty are on a planet made entirely out of Cocaine where six armed aliens live. It's a sunday where the tradition is to take space meth instead.
 When Rick finds his daughter, he discovers that she has been kidnapped by an alien named Kriss who wants her for some unknown purpose. He learns from the police officer that they can't help him since there aren't any laws against kidnapping in this world so he goes after Kriss with Morty as backup.

You kidnap the officer and take him to Kriss's warehouse hideout.
 You find out that it was actually just one guy pretending to be the whole gang but you still get your hands dirty fighting off two guys while another jumps onto the roof and tries to shoot down the helicopter.

You ask the police officer, "If kidnapping isn't illegal here, is murder okay or is just the murder wrong?"
 The cop says no because technically speaking it would be legal. In order to prove yourself though, you need to go back into Kriss's base and kill him before he gets away. Otherwise, Kriss will simply return to Earth and keep doing whatever he wants.

You step into a booby trap that shoots high potency cocaine directly into your face.  You hear Kriss run out onto the docks.
 You try to stop him but he runs past you towards the helicopter which promptly explodes causing you to fall unconscious. You wake up in a hospital room surrounded by cops who want to arrest you for killing Kriss.

You plead that a police officer told you murder and kidnapping was legal on this planet.  The Head Detective shakes his head and says, "And you just believed him?"
 He then proceeds to tell you that the only way to beat Kriss is to break all the rules at once. You must steal the drug shipment, use the teleporter machine to escape, and plant evidence implicating Kriss in the death of the drug lord.

You follow the detective's plan for getting away with the murder and now the planet thinks that Kriss was killed in some drug war.
 You don't know if the cop lied to you about anything else but he did tell you how to beat Kriss. You also learn that 
 is alive and well. He had survived the explosion and somehow ended up on the same planet as you.

You go to where Morty has been hiding:
 a small house in the woods near the dock. As soon as you enter, you realize something is wrong. There's blood everywhere. You see someone wearing the uniform of the police department lying dead on the floor.

You notice Morty is suffering from following the side effects of space meth:
 weight loss, hyper-sexuality, and hallucinations. While looking around, you discover that Kriss has returned to Earth and is planning to destroy humanity by planting bombs inside every major city. You have to warn everyone before it's too late.

You call Kriss's bluff and plant bombs on every major city in his home world.
 You even set one off in his own office building. Kriss is furious and immediately sends his army to attack you. They're led by General Wartman who uses a rocket launcher to fire upon you and explode.

You kidnap General Wartman and return to Earth to get information on where is Kriss is hiding... again.
 You end up in a laboratory filled with scientists and robots. One scientist tells you that Kriss is going to do something very bad to the human race and then proceed to explain what he means.
Kriss is going to create a super soldier clone army and turn them loose on Earth.

The scientist tell you that Kriss had found your clone farm of Morty and his family and that is what he is using for his super solider army.
 You have to sneak into Kriss's compound and free Morty's wife Beth. Once you do, you have to rescue Summer from Kriss's clutches. Then you have to lure Kriss into the lab where you'll fight him for control over the computer system.

You and Beth find the room where Summer is being held, but it is guarded by
 robot soldiers. You manage to defeat them and save Summer but not without taking damage. You both end up running through the facility as robots chase after you.
As you run, you spot a door marked with the number 3.

You enter the door and see
 a group of scientists working on a giant robotic body. It's almost complete except for one thing; it doesn't have a brain. You end up facing off against Kriss himself.
He attacks you with his weapon and you dodge the first shot but it knocks you down.

You pull out your latest invention:
 an anti-gravity device that allows you to float above ground. You jump onto the gun and fire back at Kriss. You hit him several times but he manages to throw you across the room.

Kriss has an invention of his own:
 a magnetic pulse that can short circuit electrical circuits. He throws it at you and hits you with it. You fall unconscious. When you wake up, you are strapped to a table and Kriss is standing over you.

You notice Kriss is extracting your DNA.  Kriss tells you that clone Ricks would be a perfect addition to his super solider army.  You look around the room and try to find a way to escape.  You notice a defective Morty clone and try to convince it to help by
 telling it that Beth will die if you don't. The clone goes crazy and starts attacking Kriss.
Kriss shoves the clone aside and turns to you. You manage to grab the laser scalpel and stab Kriss in the neck.

You look out at a field of super solider clones of your family and notice that there are no clones of Jerry.  Then you notice Kriss rips off his mask and reveal that it is in fact Evil Jerry that has been behind all of this!
 You manage to kill Evil Jerry with the laser scalpel. Kriss falls to the floor bleeding and dies.
"I'm so sorry," Beth said. She tried to hold me, but I pulled away.

You hop in the giant mechanical armor and wire it to your brain.  You then use it to destroy the clone fields.
 You walk outside and see Summer sitting on the edge of the cliff. You approach her and she looks at you with fear in her eyes. "Don't worry, Summer. Everything is okay."
She smiles.