AIG ​Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Ep 2 – You are part of the Joestar family. Your generational nemesis is a man named Dio. You are the newest Joester, your name is Joseph.

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You are part of the Joestar family.  Your generational nemesis is a man named Dio.  You are the newest Joester, your name is Joseph.  You live in a large house with your father and mother.  Your father is an excellent cook, but he has no talent for business.  He spends most of his time drinking.

> You notice that when you get into fights, your stand comes to your aid.  Your stand goes by the name
 "The Stand."  The Stand can come out at night or during the day.  It's made from sturdy oak wood.  Its surface is covered with dark brown leather.  A red cloth belt runs around its waist.

Your mother doesn't have the heart to tell you
 this, but she also knows that your father is going to drink himself to death soon.  She wants to sell the house and move somewhere else, but she can't do it alone.
You're not sure how much money they'll need, but you know they'll need more than just enough to
 buy a new place.  So you've been looking for work.
You have found some odd jobs here and there, but none of them pay well.  At least you've got a steady income coming in every month.

You take your father's alcohol so he can no longer drink and you hide it in your stand.
  You take the opportunity to go on a few dates with women who interest you.
One day, you wake up early and head out to look for work.  As you walk through town, you spot someone you think might be able to help.

As you get closer, you see the lights dim and you feel your skin get cold.  You are face to face with the man... it's Dio!

"What do you want?" asks Dio.
"I'm looking for work," you say.
Dio laughs and turns away.
"Not interested," says Dio.
"Why not?"

Dio says, "Because your blood line is tainted Joey Joestar..."

You try to keep your temper under control.
"How dare you!" you shout.
"If I was anyone else, you'd be dead right now," says Dio.
"So what if I am?"

You summon your stand and Dio summons his: a
 longsword appears in his hand.
"Now we both have our weapons out.  Now let's settle this once and for all."
"No thanks," you say.
You notice that your stand has appeared and is pointing at Dio's sword.

> You turn and hear you stand say, "
Kill him."
"What did you say?" asks Dio.
"Nothing," you reply.
You notice that your stand has disappeared.
You look back at Dio.
He seems confused.

Suddenly your stand reappears and catches Dio by surprise.  Your stand is very quick and able to comfortably be a seat for Dio.

You sit down on your stand.
"Now you've gotten me angry," says Dio.
"I didn't mean to," you say.
Dio looks at you strangely.

Dio shouts, "Za Warudo!" and time stops.  You are frozen on top of your stand.  You notice Dio's standing over you about to sit.  Dio shouts, "​SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT!" as he repeatedly sits on you.

You fall off your stand and hit the ground hard.
You pick yourself up and start walking away.
"Stop!" shouts Dio.
You stop and turn around.
"That's better," says Dio.

> You notice your legs are
You take a deep breath and ask, "What happened?"
"I'm not really sure," says Dio.
You ask, "But you said something to make my stand attack me."

Dio grins and again says, "Za Warudo!"  Time freezes and Dio approaches you with
 his sword.
"You were lucky I wasn't trying to kill you," says Dio.
"Yeah, I noticed," you say.
Dio raises his sword above his head and swings it down.

> You close your eyes, but nothing happens.  When you reopen them, you notice your stand has counter attacked using
 a shield.
You watch as Dio's sword bounces off the shield and returns to his hand.
Dio glares at you, but then smiles.
"I guess you can fight after all," says Dio.

> You pick up your stand like a shield and continue to fight.

You swing your own sword at Dio.
"You're getting slow in your old age," says Dio.
"And you're still a little drunk," you say.
You swing your sword again and miss.

> You notice a giant steamroller in a nearby construction yard and pick it up.  You fly into the air and try to land on Dio.

You manage to land on the top of the steamroller.
Dio tries to push you off.
You hold on tight and shout, "Za Warudo!"
Time resumes and Dio falls backwards onto the pavement.

 stand transforms into
 your human form and walk towards Dio.
"It's over," you say.
Dio gets up and says, "Yes, it is."
You notice his hands are shaking.

You decide to have mercy on Dio and walk away.  As you walk away, Dio reveals a poison dagger and throws it at your back.

You spin around and dodge the dagger.
"Don't worry, I won't kill you," says Dio.
You notice the poison on your body.
You turn and run away from Dio.

The poison starts to take effect and you feel the following side effects:

You notice your vision is blurry.
You trip and fall.
You crawl towards the door.
You notice your legs are unsteady.
You fall asleep and wake up in bed.

You wake up and see that your legs no longer work.  However your stand has evolved to compensate and has transformed into a ornate wooden wheelchair.

You notice your arms are paralyzed and your legs don't move.
You hear a knock on the door.
"Come in," you say.
A woman enters the room.
She says, "Hi!

The woman immediately swoons over you.

You smile and she collapses on the floor.
"Help me," she says.
You try to lift her up, but you can't.
"Oh, god," says the woman.

> You say "I would normally, but I am paralyzed now."

"Yes, yes, I know," says the woman.
"How long will this paralysis last?" you ask.
"For the rest of your life," says the woman.
"What do I need to do to get rid of it?"

The woman says, "You must kill Dio... it is the only way!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that," you say.
"Why not?" asks the woman.
"Because I am paralyzed now," you say.
"But you just said you could kill him!"

Then it hits you!  You know exactly how you can kill Dio, all you need is to
 wait for him to come home tonight.

Dio enters his house and doesn't notice you.  You have spiked all his food with poison.  Dio goes to make a late night snack.

You wait until he finishes eating.
You enter his bedroom and sit down next to his bed.
You place a pillow under your head so you can pretend to be sleeping.
Dio puts his arm around you and starts kissing you.

You look at your poison container and realize you accidentally covered all of Dio's food with a love potion!

You kiss Dio back.
"Mmm, you taste good," says Dio.
"Are you going to eat me or fuck me?" you ask.
Dio laughs and says, "I think we both know what I want."