AIG He-Man Ep 3 – It is Christmas time and everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit, except for one: Man-At-Arms

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It is Christmas time and everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit, except for one: Man-At-Arms.
Man-At-Arms, why so glum?
How can anyone be celebrating Christmas when Eternia is about to be attacked by Omniman!?

You're getting a bit ahead of yourself there. I'm sure we'll beat him in the end.
Yeah, but what if he beats us first?

 Adam and  Man-At-Arms looking into the sky and see Omniman has arrived and is preparing to attack Castle Grayskull!
I have come to Grayskull to destroy you, Adam. And your friends as well.
Adam and  Man-At-Arms are both stunned by this revelation.

Omniman attacks and Adam and Man-At-Arms are no match!  Just as Omniman is about to deliver a killing blow, Adam and Man-At-Arms are saved by Stinkor!  Stinkor's smell distracts Omniman long enough for them to escape.

Omniman flies away in disgust.
Omniman returns home and tries to find a way to get rid of his odor. He starts sniffing around the castle until he finds an old room filled with all sorts of odors.

The room is filled with weird odors such as:
 soap, rotting flesh, sewage, sweat, blood, urine, excrement, and even the stench of dead fish. But nothing smells like his own odor. So he searches through the room until he comes across a bottle labeled "Stink Bomb."

Stink Bomb is a nuclear stench, slinkier than anything in the known universe!  Omniman returns to Castle Grayskull and throws the stink bomb into Prince Adam's bedroom window.
 The stink bomb explodes and everything in the room becomes covered with a foul odor.
Prince Adam awakens from a horrible nightmare. He looks out the window and sees that everything outside has been transformed into a giant pile of garbage.

Prince Adam grabs his sword off the walls and transforms into He-Man!
I have the power!

He-Man exits Castle Grayskull and prepares for a showdown with Omniman.  But He-Man knows he can't do it alone, and has called up Skeletor, who filled with Christmas cheer has agreed to help He-Man fight just this one time.

Skeletor arrives on his flying bike, which he uses to get around faster than any other vehicle.  He-Man tells Skeletor where they will meet Omniman.
Meanwhile, back at Castle Grayskull, Adam and Man-At-Arms are busy trying to
 figure out how to defeat Omniman.
We've got to stop him somehow. We can't let him win.
So what do we do?

I don't know.
Suddenly, they hear the sound of Prince Adam fighting with Omniman.
(from outside)
Help me, Adam!
Quick, let's go.

Everyone is attacking Omniman at the same time, but he is just too strong!  Just then, Man-At-Arms has an idea!  Time to get stinky!

He takes a large jar of rancid butter and rubs it all over his body. Then he runs out onto the battlefield and begins to munch on a stick of celery.
Omniman is not amused.

Stinkor, attracted by the smell, returns to the battlefield and uses his ultimate stench to attack Omniman.
  Omniman, however, is immune to Stinkor's stink, because it is his own stink.
As the battle rages, He-Man, Skeletor, and Adam continue to try to defeat Omniman, while Man-At-Arms continues to eat celery.

Man-At-Arms?! What are you doing!?  Help us fight!
I'm preparing my ultimate attack:
 the Celery Stick.
Omniman is getting tired of being attacked by the rancid butter. He blasts the buttery Man-At-Arms with his heat ray.
Omniman is so hot that he melts the butter and Man-At-Arms' body falls apart into
 a puddle of butter.
Omniman turns to look at He-Man, Skeletor, and Adam. They are all exhausted from fighting.
That was easy.

Omniman flies away and leaves the three defeated.
Back at Castle Grayskull, the evil Omnik enters the throne room. He gloats about his victory.
My dear brother, Prince Adam, I am victorious!

But suddenly Omniman wretches and reels in pain.  Rancid butter and celery chunk erupt from hole!  It is Man-At-Arms final sacrifice and ultimate attack!

Celery Man bursts out of the hole and hits Omnikan hard!
Omnikan is knocked unconscious and falls to the ground.
(in shock)
What did you do, Man-At-Arms?

I have no idea.
But it worked!
Now we can take over Eternia.
Adam and Man-At-Arms are elated, but Skeletor is furious.


How could you do that to your own brother?
I didn't do it!
Then who did?
It doesn't matter.

Snow begins to fall and cover up all of the garbage.  Eternia is a winter wonderlan!

The story ends with the words "To Be Continued."
Here is a list of the characters that appear in the cartoon.
MASTODON - A giant, prehistoric elephant.

PTERODACTYL - A winged reptile with a long neck and sharp teeth.
HALF-MAN - A half-man, half-robot.
THE MAN IN THE MOON MASK - An alien wearing a mask.

SPIDER ROBOT - A spider-like robot.
SKELETOR - The leader of the bad guys.
ROBIN - Skeletor's sidekick.