AIG 60s Batman Ep 1 – You are Batman and it is the roaring 60s.

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You are Batman and it is the roaring 60s.
 You have just taken your first step into a new era of crime fighting, but you must not forget where you came from. A few years ago, you were one man in an endless war against evil.

You look into the night sky and see that the commissioner has turned on the bat signal.
 You will need to find out what he wants before it's too late. Go south!
The sewer opens up beneath you, and there is nothing around except for some rats. The sewers can be tricky places, so try not to get lost down here.

But when you enter the sewer, you see that it was all a trap setup by
 some kind of crazy cult. They're after something buried underground, and they seem to think that you'll help them find it. But they've already killed a lot of people, and now they're coming for you.

The leader of the cult, a man named Ratcatcher, comes forth and says, "
I know who you are." He then stabs at you with his knife. You block the attack and knock him back into the water. "What do you want?"
"We only wanted to offer you a job," Ratcatcher replies.

You ask the Ratcatcher, "What is the job?"

Ratcatcher replies, "Our master wants to open a gate between our world and yours."
You tell him, "Why would I ever help you?"
Ratcatcher says, "He needs someone who knows how to use the key."

Ratcatcher holds his hands and shows you the key:
 it looks like a small metal box.
You say, "How does this thing work?"
Ratcatcher says, "It is magic, and it will unlock any door."
You take the key and throw it away.

As the key hits the ground, it fits in perfectly to a secret keyhole slightly under the sewer water.  Its opens an interdimensional gate and you see
 the other side. It is a strange place, full of monsters and creatures that you don't recognize.
"I'm going through," you say.
The gate closes behind you, and you are suddenly standing in another dark room.

You are blinded by a flashing light and then you are to face with
 the enemy. You see a huge monster, covered in fur and wielding a sword. It seems to be wearing a mask.
The creature raises its sword high above its head and shouts, "You cannot escape!"

You pull off a gadget from your bat utility belt:
 a flashlight. You turn it on and aim the beam at the beast. The monster roars as the light burns it, but it doesn't seem hurt.
You shout, "That won't stop me!"

> You pull another gadget from you bat belt, a
 rope. You tie the monster's feet together.
You then climb onto the creature's back and wrap the rope around its neck.
You pull the rope tight and the monster falls to the floor.

> You pull out your bat gun that shoots fruit bats and fire.

The monster struggles to free itself.
The monster pulls you off its back and throws you across the room. You land hard on the stone floor and feel something sharp digging into your chest.
You manage to stand up and see that the monster is pulling a dagger out of your chest.

> You yell "Monster please, I am a vigilante in my world!  Please spare my life!"

The monster ignores you and continues stabbing you. You fall to the ground, unable to move.
You hear a voice in your ear saying, "If you die, you will never be able to return to your own world."

> You gain a sudden burst of strength and energy and push the monster back.  You pull out your ultimate weapon
, a giant fist made of rubber.
The monster pushes you back and you slam into the wall.
The monster grabs you and lifts you into the air.
You shout, "My hero!"

> You throw the giant rubber fist into the monster's mouth and it begins to choke.

The monster falls to the ground and dies.
You feel yourself waking up.
You wake up in a bed in a strange room. You look around and see that you are lying in a hospital bed.

> You see Ratcatcher sitting next to you excited that you have finally woken up.

Ratcatcher says, "You are alive! Good, good."
You ask, "Where am I?"
Ratcatcher replies, "This is a secret location that we set up for our experiments."

> You notice a bright green fluid entering your arm and ask, "What kind of experiments?"

Ratcatcher says, "We were trying to make a new form of life that could survive on our planet."
You ask, "And how did that go?"
Ratcatcher says, "Well, it didn't work very well."

> You ratcatcher points to the other side of the room with all the "failed" experiments:

These are all the failed experiments:
A rat-like creature with two heads.
A mouse-sized insect.
A tiny fish with no legs.
A human baby.
You ask, "What happened to these things?"

Ratcatcher says, "They weren't ready yet."
You ask, "But why did they try to kill me?"
Ratcatcher says, "They were just experimenting."
You ask, "So what now?
> You Ratcatcher hands you the human child and you name it Robin.

Ratcatcher says, "Robin is a boy, he can do many things."
You ask, "What sort of things?"
Ratcatcher says, "He is smart and clever, but also a bit clumsy."

> You expand his name to: Robin the Boy Blunder.

You say, "I know you're busy, so I'll let him live here with us."
Ratcatcher says, "He will need to learn how to walk before he leaves."
You ask, "Can you teach me how to do that?"

> You teach Robin how to walk by
 showing him how to use a step stool.
You show Robin how to use a step stool to practice walking.
After a few minutes, Robin is able to walk on his own.
You then take Robin to a nearby park where you show him how to play with other children.

> You notice Robin exhibit the following strange behaviors:

You watch as Robin runs and jumps and throws himself against a tree trunk.
Robin is getting better at this game, but he still isn't quite sure about how to get down safely.
You tell Robin that if he wants to reach the top of a tall tree, he should jump up and
 grab the lowest branch, then swing himself up.
Robin tries it again. He manages to catch hold of the branch, but when he swings himself up he loses his grip and falls to the ground.

> You rush to catch Robin before he hits the ground.

You scoop Robin up in your arms and carry him back to the house.
You set Robin down on the couch and he looks at you curiously.
You ask, "How was that?"
Robin asks, "Did I hurt myself?"

> You shrug and say, "Yes?"

You explain, "Sometimes falling from a great height can hurt."
Robin nods, "That makes sense."
You then notice that Robin has begun playing with a toy robot that you bought him.

obin is able to transform the toy into a
 new shape:
You watch as Robin takes the robot apart and puts it back together again.
You ask, "Why don't you take the robot outside to play?"
Robin says, "I think I'm done."

> You look into the sky and notice the Bat signal.  You take Baby Robin with you.

You take Robin to the roof and point towards the distant city lights.
You ask, "Do you see those lights? They are the stars."
Robin asks, "Are they like the ones in my storybook?"

> You say, "Yes.  And in order to keep those stars lit, you need JUSTICE!"

You ask, "Who is Justice?"
Robin asks, "Is it a real person?"
You say, "Justice is everywhere. It protects all living things."
Robin asks, "Will Justice come save me?"

> You nod.

You say, "Yes.  Justice will always protect you."
Robin asks, "How can I find Justice?"
You say, "It's not easy, but I promise you will be safe."