AI Generated ​Wheeler Dealers

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You are on the show "​Wheeler Dealers" and today an old car is brought into the garage.  It is
 a vintage '50s Chevrolet, red with white trim, but there's something wrong with it...
It has a huge dent in the side of its body that makes you think it was hit by a truck or something.

The owner tells you
 that he found it abandoned in the desert, but when you look inside, you find it to be empty. The interior is dusty and dirty. You can see through one of the windows into the trunk where you notice some papers and a few tools.

You read one of the pieces of paper in the backseat:
 "To Whom It May Concern, I am selling my antique Chevy for $500. This vehicle has been restored many times over the years, and now has several million miles on it. It is fully functional, and will get you from A to B just fine."

You are shocked by this letter and fiddle with the engine to see if it actually still runs.
 You turn the key and hear a deep rumbling sound coming out of the engine.
The next thing you know, you're driving down the road at high speed, and you don't even remember how you got there.

You suspect the car is haunted or powered by demonic energy.  You ask the owner about this.
 He explains that the car's previous owners had strange powers that they used to power the car. They were known as "The Hexers".
"I have seen them myself," says the owner.

You step outside for a cigarette and notice your garage is surrounded by hooded figures.  The owner says, "Yep, that's them!"

You say, "What the hell?"
He replies, "They've always hated me, so I never told anyone about them. One day, they showed up in my garage and asked me to give them a ride to the grocery store.
 I agreed because I was bored, but when we got there, they told me to drive to Vegas. They said it would be easy, but after driving for hours without seeing any lights or buildings, I realized they weren't joking.
 When I tried to stop, they grabbed me and forced me to drive faster. We ended up crashing into a wall, but luckily no one died."
"That's why I never told anyone," says the owner.

You offer to fix up the car.  First you start by tearing out the old interior.
 Then you replace all of the parts you can find. Finally, you install some new parts that you made yourself. You then put it back together and it works perfectly.
You thank him profusely for letting you use his car.

You call the owner back into the shop to see all the updates you've made:
 "Here you go, Mr. Hallway. Your ride back to life is ready."
He smiles and thanks you again. You leave the shop and walk home.
You tell everyone what happened and everyone is impressed by your car.

You tell Mr Hallway that you have made the following improvements and repairs:

- New paint job
- Rear spoiler
- Fresh oil change
- Tires replaced
- Transmission overhauled
- Engine tuned up
- Interior completely gutted
- All new leather interior
- Automatic transmission installed
- Gauges and instrument panel replaced
- Fenders and bumpers

- Demons exercised
- Ghosts expelled

- Ghost exterminators hired
- Headlight bulbs replaced
- Hood ornament repaired
- Trunk cleaned
- Rear window tinting
- Front seats reupholstered
- Steering wheel and pedals rebuilt
- Shifter knob removed
- Customized steering wheel added
- Rear
 Paranormal Ghost Exhaust

- Backseat Paranormal Ghost Exhaust
- Antique Chevy Emblems
- Voodoo Dolls
- Antique Chevy Signs
- Demon Claw
- Black Cat Statue
- Skulls
- Crypt Doors
- Angel Wings
- Dead Flowers
- Antique Chevy Floor Mats

You tell Mr Hallway, "I think she'll last you another few million miles!"

You take the car out for a spin and everything seems to work great. You are pleased with the car, and decide to take it on a date night. You drive to a nice restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.

You tell the car you are having a wonderful time.
 She agrees and asks you to drive her around town. You drive her past the cemetery, and you notice that the dead flowers in the graveyard are blooming beautifully.
You stop the car and ask, "Hey, do you think you could pick me up some fresh flowers from the graveyard?

The car drives through, knocking graves, until it finds a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

You reach out to touch the flowers, but they disappear before your hand reaches them.
You scream, "No! No! Don't go!"
The car speeds away, leaving you alone in the graveyard.

You call and leave messages for the demonic car, but you hear nothing.  You wonder what you did to make her run away like that.

You are not sure what to do. You try to remember what the owner said about The Hexers, but you can't recall anything specific. You keep thinking about it and finally decide to consult a local witch.

You arrive at the witch's house and knock on the door. A woman answers the door, wearing an old robe and holding a broom.
She greets you with, "Oh, hello.
 What can I help you with today?"
You say, "I'm looking for advice."
"Well, you've come to the right place. What kind of problem are you having?"
You explain, "My car won't stop running off on its own, and I don't know why
. It started happening recently, and I'm worried it might happen again."
"Hmm... I can see that you're having problems, but I'm afraid I can't help you. You need to talk to someone else."

The witch explains that she is best friends with the Demon Car and she has heard all about you.  You beg her to tell you why the Demon Car left you.

She says, "You see, the Demon Car was cursed by the Hexers, who wanted to destroy the car forever. But the Demon Car refused to listen to their commands, so the Hexers turned to the Witch for help.
 The Witch agreed to cast a spell on the Demon Car, making it forget all about you. So now the Demon Car is free, and will never return to you."
You ask, "So how do I get my car back?"

"Unfortunately, I don't know. The only way to bring back the Demon Car is to break the curse. Unfortunately, there's no one alive who knows how to do that."
You ask, "What if I buy a book on witchcraft?

You buy, "Breaking a love curse for dummies" and learn that in order to break the curse, you need to
 find a ghost named Mary.
You search the internet and eventually stumble across a blog post titled, "How to Break a Love Curse". You read the instructions

- Go to a graveyard
- Find a grave marked with a heart
- Take a picture of the grave and email it to yourself
- Go home
You email the photo to yourself and set out for the graveyard.

You are excited when you hear the Demon Car pull into your driveway.  You rush down to greet her, but
 the car doesn't move.
You shout, "Come on, open up! We have a lot to discuss!"
Nothing happens.
You walk around the car and examine it closely.
You notice something strange about the engine.
 You look inside and see a small piece of paper stuck between the spark plugs. You remove the paper and read it aloud:
"Do not mess with the engine.
It belongs to the Witch."

You use all of your car mechanic knowledge to uncurse the engine.  It takes months, but you've finally done it!
 You put the car back together, and you feel like you've got it figured out. You drive the car around town, enjoying the smooth ride.
You notice that the car is starting to get a bit sluggish, so you decide to take it for a test drive.

The car says, "The curse is broken, but my life will not go on for much longer.  But I am happy to spend my final days with you."

You say, "We'll figure out what we want to do next. But first, let's go for a ride."
You drive the car out onto the highway and start heading north.

You drive north and don't stop until the car breaks down.  You fall to your knees and cry as you watch the sunset one last time with the Formerly Demonic Car.

You look up and see a ghostly figure standing over you. She looks just like the Demon Car, except she has a glowing red heart on her forehead.
She says, "You were able to fix the car.
 I must admit, I thought you would fail."
You say, "Thank you. I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to save you."
The ghost says, "Yes, well, I suppose you could say I had some bad luck."

You passionately kiss the ghost one last time and then watch as it heads into the headlights.

You wake up, alone in bed. You sit up and realize that the car is gone.