AI Generated Survivor – You are a contestant on Survivor and this season caters perfectly to your unique skill set – 1:1 combat

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You are a contestant on Survivor. This season is special and it caters perfectly to your unique skill set.  Your opponent will be any of the other contestants, but since this is a one-on-one game, they cannot escape.  You must find them before they can escape from their location in the arena.

Jeff Probst says over a loudspeaker, "Yes you heard right, this season is a Battle Royale where if you want to win, you need to be the last player alive!"
  The crowd roars with excitement as you look out at the audience and say:
"And now, for the first time ever, there will be no losers! All that matters is survival."

Jeff Probst presses a button and cages open to release wild
 animals into the arena. They quickly begin circling around the ring, looking for an opening.
You hear a noise behind you and turn to see three hippos charging towards you. You pull out your gun and shoot all three of them.

But your gun is very ineffective on the Hippos.  You run for it as the Hippos tear through contestants to charge after you.
  You reach the exit door but it won't budge. You try pushing against it, but it's too strong.
The Hippos are getting closer and closer. You think frantically, trying to come up with some way to get out of here.

You get an idea:
 you knock down the cage holding the hippos and use them as cover to hide yourself under the water.
You dive underwater and swim beneath the waves, using the hippos as a shield. The Hippos don't seem to notice you, and you manage to stay hidden until they move away.

The hippos kill about half of the contestants before they are captured and carried away.  Jeff Probst says, "Good job to all the survivors!  You've earned 1 bag of rice!"

You surface and see a large pile of bags of rice next to the exit door. You grab the nearest one and take off running.
As you leave the arena, you see another contestant standing by the entrance.

You attempt to make an alliance with this person.  You introduce yourself as
 Michael and tell him that you're also a survivor.
He looks skeptical and asks, "Why would I trust you?"
"Because," you say, "if we work together, we might stand a chance of winning."

The survivor thinks about it for a while and then nods and tells you, "Ok, my name is
 Steve. Let's do this."
Steve leads you back to the arena. As you enter the arena, you see a bunch of people huddled together in a corner. You realize immediately that these are the leaders of the other tribes.

You notice the tribes have animals to represent them:

The Blue tribe has a shark.
The Red tribe has a lion.
The Green tribe has a snake.
The Yellow tribe has a bird.
The Purple tribe has a monkey.

And your tribe

 has a gun.

Jeff Probst says, "Okay everyone, let's start this game off with a little bit of friendly fire."
A few minutes pass as you watch the game unfold. The leaders of each tribe are making alliances and trading weapons.

You misunderstand the game and accidentally shoot your teammate in the leg.

"Hey!" he yells. "I was just trying to protect myself."
You apologize profusely and explain what happened. He seems relieved that you didn't mean to hurt him.
You try to make an alliance with the leader of the Yellow tribe, but he refuses to join you.

You decide to take action and attack the Yellow tribe.

You approach the Yellow tribe members and shoot one of them in the arm.
The Yellow tribe leader screams, "You shot me!"
You shoot another one of them in the chest.
The Yellow tribe leader screams again, "You shot me!"

You laugh and chant, "Gun tribe!"

Your team begins shooting everyone in sight.
The leaders of the other tribes run away.
The Yellow tribe leader is the only one left.
He turns to face you and says, "Well, it looks like I'm the last one standing.

You through your gun to the ground and face the Yellow tribe leader in hand to hand combat.

You know you're going to lose, but you still fight.
You both struggle for a long time, neither of you able to gain the upper hand.
You feel a sharp pain in your side and look down to see blood dripping from your wound.

You fear death and decide to cheat and pull out a hidden gun from your underwear.

You point it at the Yellow tribe leader and fire.
The Yellow tribe leader drops dead.
You fall to the floor and realize that you're not breathing.
You gasp for air and look around to see the others staring at you.

The only person standing is Michael.  You can't let him win so you
 grab his gun and shoot yourself.
You die.
You wake up to find yourself lying on the beach, surrounded by a crowd of people.
Michael says, "I guess you were right.

Jeff Probst stands at the gates of heaven and says, "Welcome to the next season of Survivor: Heaven edition!"

You walk up to the gate and see that it opens to reveal the inside of a huge mansion. You see a staircase leading down into the ground. You go down the stairs and find yourself in a beautiful garden filled with fruit trees and flowers.