AI Generated Pawn Shop Show

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You are Dick, a pawn shop show owner where people come and sell odd things at your store.  Today an old man walks in with craziest thing you've ever seen: a severed head that talks!
"What's this?" You ask. "Where did it come from? And how much do I get for it?" The old man says nothing but reaches into his pocket and pulls out some gold coins.

You tell the Old Man, "It looks like what you have here is a Medusa Head, pretty rare, but not much in demand.  I'll $50 for it!"

He hands over the money and says, "I don't know who she was or why she's talking."
You take the gold and say, "Well then, I guess I better put her to good use!"

You put the Medusa Head in your display case and wait for a buyer.  However the Medusa Head is turning all your customers to stone.

"Oh no," you mutter as you look around the room. "I'm going to be stuck in my own pawn shop forever..."
But when the customers turn to stone they also drop their treasures so you can pick them up and sell them for more gold.

You are interviewed by federal agents who accuse you of killing and robbing customers.

"We believe you killed these people because you were angry at being robbed."
"Yes," you admit. "And yes, I was angry at being robbed."
"Do you think you'd be angry if someone stole your possessions?"

You panic and use the Medusa Head on the federal agents.  You realize this is bad and that you need to leave the country.  You change name and move to
 another town where you open a new pawn shop.
You are 
ick, a pawnshop show owner where people come and sell odd things at your store.  Today a
A fisherman walks into the store with a large chunk of steel he says he found at the bottom of the sea. On the side of it is written Department of Energy, Fat Man MK IV

"How much do I get for this?" He asks.
You ask him, "Is there any way to remove the markings on it?"
He shakes his head and says, "No, they're part of the design."

You make an offer:
 "$20 for it."
He takes out a checkbook and writes you a check.
You take the check and say, "Great! Here's your money."
"Wait," he says.

The man realizes you just tricked him and pull out a hammer that he hits the nuclear device with.

You try to stop him but he smashes the nuke and you fall back into the water.
You wake up underwater and see bubbles coming from above.
You reach up and grab hold of something solid.

You watch as the nuke mushrooms cloud over where you store used to be.  You can't believe you have survived, but you are also shocked that everything in your pawn shop is destroyed.

You climb onto the beach and look around. You notice a small box nearby. Inside is a note which reads:
"I know you're alive.  But I don't know where you are.
  I hope you find this. -- Mike"
You read the note and start walking north.
You walk through the woods until you come across a house. You knock on the door and hear footsteps approach from inside.
 A woman answers and you say, "Hello, I was wondering if you could help me."
She asks, "Who are you?"
You say, "My name is John. I'm looking for my wife and son."

The woman lets you into her cabin, but then she recognizes you from the News.

"You're the guy that caused all that trouble last year!" She exclaims.
"Yeah," you say. "I am. I've been trying to find my family."
"Well, let's go upstairs and talk," she says.

You haggle with the woman for your freedom.
 She agrees to give you a ride to your family.
You get into the car and the woman tells you, "I'm driving you to your family, but first I want to know about the Medusa Head you had in your pawn shop."

You tell her, "It's right... HERE!" and whip out the medusa head from your underpants.  The woman however does not turn to stone.

"You didn't kill anyone!" You laugh.
"I thought I was going to die," she admits.
You tell her, "I need you to drive me to my family."

The woman ignores you and instead drives you to the Church of Later Day Medusa's.

You arrive at the church and see a crowd outside.
You walk up to the front and see the Bishop holding a Bible.
"What's going on?" You ask.
"This is the day we will judge the world," he says.

You look up into the sky and see the moon has been carved into a giant medusa head.

"Are you sure this is the day?" You ask.
"Today is the day of judgment," he says.
You wonder what kind of judgment the church would like to deliver.
You stand next to the bishop and feel very scared.

Night falls, and the giant medusa head slowly orbits to face earth.  The entire world is turned to stone!

You hear the sound of people screaming and shouting as the heads moves closer.
Suddenly, the night sky turns blue and the sun rises.
Everyone returns to life and the Medusa Heads fall to the ground.

You try to live the rest of your life as a stone golem man.

But when you try to return to your home, you find it is gone.
You walk through the woods and spot a sign which reads:
"Welcome to Roswell. Population: 1,000,000."