AI Generated Olympic Decathlon

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You are the top 3 decathlon athlete, you are required to be proficient in 10 different sports:
 long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, 100 meters, 1500 meters and 10000 meters. The winner of each event is determined by who has scored the highest combined score after all events have been completed.

​The decathalon consists of the following 10 wacky sports:

1. Pole vaulting: You must run up a wall and grab onto a pole (or whatever it is), then pull yourself over the top and land safely on the other side.
 Long jump: You must stand at one end of a platform that's about 15 feet tall and attempt to leap as far as possible from the starting line. The farther you go, the more points you get.

3. Discus throw: Using a discus or some sort of projectile, you must throw it as hard as possible into a target area marked out for you.
4. Javelin throw: Using a javelin or some sort of projectile, you must throw it as hard as possible
 at a target area marked out for you.
5. 100 meters: This is like the 100 meter dash in track & field, only with hurdles and hurdles and more hurdles.
6. 1500 meters: This is the same as the 1500 meters in track & field, except you will be running around
 obstacles instead of around a track.
7. 10000 meters: This is basically a long-distance version of the 1500 meters. It takes longer than the normal distance because you have to run all the way back to the start.

8. 100 yard dash: A short sprint, to keep it simple.
9. 200 meter dash: Another short sprint.
10. Shot put: Throw something (anything!) as far as you can.

You experiment with the shot put and try to find the easiest item that you can throw.  After many trials and experiments, you determine that the best thing to throw is
 a baseball, because you can't hurt yourself if you miss. You quickly find the range and angle that give you the highest point total.
Now, it's time for your first event: long jump.

Long jump
The long jump is a straightforward race to see which athlete can jump as far as possible. The starting line is marked at the edge of a platform 15 feet off the ground.

The rules did not mention that you couldn't wear special shoes, so you put on your special spring loaded shoes to shoot you at a record distance of
 28 feet, 6 inches!
The crowd goes wild as you are proclaimed the winner of the long jump.
Your next event is the 100 meter dash.
100 Meter Dash
The rules didn't say anything about this event, but you assume it will be a 100-meter race to
 the finish.
You approach the starting line and get ready for the race.
When the starting gun goes off, you're off like a bolt from a cannon. You beat out all the other athletes and cross the finish line with the fastest time of the day.

As the crowd roars, you hear the announcer call out: "And our winner is ...!"
You are given the gold medal and the cash prize of $2000.
With the winnings, you can finally afford that new car you've been wanting, so congratulations on a job well done
200 Meter Dash
You expect to do pretty good in the 200-meter dash. It's a shorter distance than the 100, and you're already used to sprinting.
The race begins, and you start off strong.

You again find a way to skirt the rules of the event by wearing roller blades.
 They have wheels built into them, so you can run fast without damaging your knees or ankles. You get an amazing time of 29 seconds, beating out the second place runner by nearly three seconds!
The crowd goes crazy and gives you a standing ovation, and the announcer declares you the winner of this
As you walk off the track, you notice a familiar face in the crowd. It's your old rival from high school, Tom. He walks up to you with a smile on his face and congratulates you on the great victory.

> You don't like the smug way Tom congratulated you, so you hit him in the nuts and walk away.

100 Meter Dash
Tom is back and looking smug, and it seems that he has come to gloat about the fact that you lost your 100-meter dash race.
You go for the groin again, but he dodges the punch and smashes you in the side of the head.

> You full out street fight Tom in the middle of the arena.

You decide to stop Tom's boasting before you beat the crap out of him.
You are distracted by a noise, and when you look over you see a little boy walking towards you.

The little boy is a fan of yours just looking for an autograph, but he doesn't realize the danger of walking into an active brawl.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"  He shouts.
You quickly stop Tom's attack on the boy and give him an angry glare.
Tom starts to turn red with rage.

pick up the boy and use him as a club

The two of you continue to fight until the police break up the brawl.
After the brawl, you and Tom are arrested and taken away to the police station. The cops have to pry your hands off each other in order to handcuff you.

> You break out of your secluded prison cell, find Tom's cell, and continue the brawl inside a steel cage!

The fight continues, but the police soon intervene and stop you from fighting. You are taken back to the police station and put back in solitary confinement.
Tom is there, but you refuse to talk to him.

> You realize you are unable to get to Tom physically, so you begin your mental assault.

You can't help yourself and start talking about all the things he's done wrong and how much of an embarrassment he has been in his life. You tell him that you were better than him at everything, and you have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

Tom counters with a mental assault of his own:
 He tells you how much he hates you, and he will do anything to make sure you never accomplish any of the goals you have set for yourself. He promises he will ruin you in every way possible.

This gets to you.
 You're angry and hurt and you don't know what to think anymore.
The next morning, you are let out of the cell and given a small meal and a glass of water.

You ask the detective, "What happens now?"

He smiles and says, "Well, since we've caught you both in the act, it seems like there's nothing left to do but throw a big fight and declare a winner!"
You get ready for your first event.

You and Tom enter a police sanctioned underground fight arena.  This is it, the battle of a lifetime.

Your first event is the 200 meter dash.
You start the race with Tom right behind you. You give him a shove, but he dodges and goes past you to win the race by several yards.

The crowd roars as you lose, and Tom takes the $2000 prize.
Your next event is the 100 meter dash.
Tom comes into this one with a big head start, so you're not worried about beating him in this one.

As he passes the finish line, you are close behind him, but he still manages to win by a large margin.
You go home with a silver medal and $1500.
Your final event is the 200 meter dash.

You start the race, and you find that your legs are not moving fast enough for you.
Tom has started to move faster than you can, and you begin to panic. You're so far behind him at this point that there's no way you can catch up.

Tom wins again and you come to terms that Tom is just better than you in every way possible.

You and Tom enter the underground fight arena, where a crowd of spectators have gathered to watch the two of you fight in a steel cage.
You know you have to win this fight, because if Tom wins, he will ruin your life.

The announcer calls the fight: "And our first match of the evening is between two former Olympic decathletes, Tom and Chad! Which of these two athletes has what it takes to take down the other?"

You realize you have an ace in the hole: your baseball.  The fight bells rings and you clock Tom in the head with a fastball.

He falls to the ground unconscious.
Your final event is the 200 meter dash.
Tom is out cold, so you start the race.
As you approach the finish line, you see that you've won the race, beating out Tom by several yards.

You gloat at Tom, still unconscious, and say, "
I told you I was better than you!"