AI Generated Naruto

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You are Naruto, a boy with a nine tailed demon fox inside of you.  You are on a quest to defeat the Giant Sentient Beehive that has appeared near your hometown.
 You can be found in the woods.
"The bee-men are not so much men as they are insects. They have no need for sleep, food or drink - only the nectar of flowers and the blood of living creatures will sustain them.

You realize the head bee-man is your former best friend Sasuke.  He looks very different from the last time you saw him, much more bee-like:
 he's bigger, hairier, and his eyes have turned entirely black.
"Sasuke! What happened to you? Why are you all covered in bees?"
"The hive grew beyond my control.
 The swarm took me over and I became their new queen. Now I am a deadly weapon to use against your enemies."
Your best friend is now an evil insect overlord bent on destroying humanity.

You promise Sasuke you will help him escape the bees but Sasuke is cold and tells you that you and him were never real friends.

"You are nothing more than a tool to me. You will do as I say, and we shall see how long it takes before I become bored of you."
You must fight your way through a horde of giant, swarming bees in order to rescue your former best friend.

You use the following frog jitsu spells to fight the bees:
 "Frog Tornado", "Mud Bomb", "Puffing Wind", "Poison Breath", and "Spider Web".
You're having trouble breathing because the bees are attacking you so heavily.

You face and body begin to swell to enormous proportions due to all the bee stings.

You try using one of your frog jitsu spells.
"Frog Tornado!"
You throw a tornado at the bees, knocking most of them down.
"Mud Bomb!"

The bees are slowed down, but the still have the upper hand.  You have no choice, you release some of the nine tailed foxes powers.

"Puffing Wind!"
A gust of wind blows the bees away from you.
You've managed to get rid of the bees.
"Poison Breath!"
You breathe poison gas in the direction of the bees, which are too close together to avoid it.

This is your chance, you attempt to fetch Sasuke, but he stops you.  You have to fight your best friend for his own good!

You and Sasuke start fighting.
"I know you don't want to hurt me but you must kill me if you ever want to be free of these bees. It is the only way you will be able to escape them."

You realize that Sasuke is brain washed by all the bees.  You attempt to disprove the bee lies he has been told:
 "Sasuke, this isn't true. You and me, we're still friends."
"I am no longer your friend. I am a tool to be used against the people who enslaved me.

You decide the only way to save Sasuke is to take his place as evil overlord of the bees.  You seal Ten Million Bees Demon inside of Sasuke.

"That was not fair."
Sasuke is now your servant and you control him.
"We can do this."
You tell Sasuke to take the remaining bees and destroy the town.

The town bands together and fights you and Sasuke and all the bees.

"You will pay for what you did to Sasuke."
The town is destroyed.
"It is over. We lost."
"No, it isn't over yet.
"Yes it is."

You feel bad for what you have done and renounce your bee leadership.  But the bees will not let you leave so easily
. They capture you and use the Nine Tails Foxes power to force you to give up your powers.
The bees are now the dominant species on earth.
You and Sasuke are captured and forced to live among the bees as slaves.

Sasuke looks over to you as you finish a 23 hour shift in the Honey mines and says, "You couldn't just leave well enough alone... you had to try and 'save' me... well is this any better?

The bees have taken over your life and you are forced to work in the honey mines until you die.
You wake up and realize that you've been transformed into a giant human bee and have to keep working in the mines.

You are sad to lose your human body, however you gain the follow bee powers:
 "Giant Human Bee Strength", "Honey Vision", and "Bee Buzz".
You have no choice, you will have to fight your way through the bees to find a way out of the mine.

You fight your way out of the mine and are met with the new bee overlord, Jerry Seinfeld, who now has control over the nine tailed demon fox.

Jerry Seinfeld, the bee overlord, is now controlling the nine tailed foxes.
"I have won, and now I have you as a slave to help me run my new hive.

You have lost everything.
"You have gained everything.
"You have nothing."
The bees have now taken over your entire life.
"I am the strongest ninja ever known to man, and you will respect me or I will cut off your arms and legs and throw
 you out of this house!"
"You are nothing! No one has ever been stronger than me!"
You attack him with your nine tailed demon fox powers.
You beat the hell out of Jerry Seinfeld and free your nine tailed foxes from the demonic control they were under

Jerry imparts some final words of wisdom:
 "There is more to life than being the strongest. There is more to life than being the fastest. There is more to life than winning. There is more to life than conquering. There is more to life than taking.
 There is more to life than beating people up and getting paid for it. There is more to life than making money. There is more to life than being rich. There is more to life than being famous.
 There is more to life than being powerful. There is more to life than winning. There is more to life than winning. There is more to life than winning. There is more to life than conquering.

You realize Jerry is having a seizure.

You make sure he gets proper treatment and is cared for.
The doctors determine Jerry's condition is treatable, but there is no cure for it.
They are not able to do anything to help him recover.

You give Jerry some of the nine tails power.

Jerry thanks you and promises to come and visit you whenever he is able.