AI Generated House

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You are Dr House, a brilliant but crass doctor.  You and your team work on the hardest most mysterious illnesses
 and today is no different:
 you've been called in to examine a patient who has experienced some sort of terrible accident or illness which left them with an unidentifiable lump on their head.
The patient lies on his back in your treatment room.

> You slap the bump with your cane as hard as you can.

Nothing happens. The lump just sits there, looking a bit like an eggplant.
You look at the lump, only now it's starting to look more like a large black eye...
 It's gone!" yells your assistant. "I told ya that would do it."
You look at the lump again and realize you were right -- it does indeed resemble a large black eye.
But how did it get there?

> You interrogate the patient.

"What happened here?" you ask your patient.
He looks up from where he was staring into space. His face is bruised all over. He doesn't seem to have any trouble talking though.

The patient tells you the odd supernatural tale of how he got a black eye:
 he had fallen down the stairs of his house when he heard something moving around in his attic, then woke up the next morning with a big black eye on his face. 
You know what this means.
 This man must be cursed. And if this isn't enough, he claims that the last time he saw his wife she was being dragged away by a woman wearing a mask!
You decide to try a little experiment: you take out a vial of ointment that you keep for such emergencies,
 and rub it on the patient's eye.
Sure enough, the black eye vanishes within seconds.
"Thank god!" cries the patient, jumping to his feet. "Thank god you're here!
> You tell the patient, "This is not over yet, that was just for the black eye.  Now we need to focus on getting rid of the curse."

"Curse?" says the patient. "But I don't have a curse! Just my black eye. What are you trying to say about me?"
His eyes look so angry and confused that you decide to leave him alone for a while before continuing to treat him.

You pull out your book on curing curses and find out the man is cursed with:

"The Curse of Insanity". If anyone dares to touch his blackened eye, they will be punished with madness.
This is almost certainly caused by the fact that the patient has a blackened eye on his face.

You rush back into the room and notice all of the nurses touching his black eye and going mad!  Then you remember... YOU TOUCHED THE EYE!  Your body begins to tremble as you succumb to the curse.

This is bad. You have to get rid of the curse ASAP!
One way to cure the curse is to rub the patient's eye with the antidote, but you forgot to bring the antidote.

You panic and try the following extremely risky medical procedures:

1) Remove the patient's eye and put it on the floor.
2) Burn the patient's eye.
3) Put the patient under anaesthetic.
4) Give the patient a shot of adrenaline.

Nothing works, and the curse continues to spread through the hospital like wildfire.  You call the government and order a quarantine.  No one leaves until you find a cure for the curse!

You've lost track of time as you frantically attempt every method you can think of to cure the curse.
You realize that you've been trapped in this hospital for far too long and the curse is spreading faster than you'd hoped.

You realize you are out of your element and you call for help:

"Michael! Michael! I'm stuck here and the curse is spreading! HELP!" you scream.
"Michael! Where are you?! Don't you care?!"
Your brother comes running to your rescue.

Your brother, Dr Cottage, brings the one thing that could cure this curse:

A magical potion made from a rare plant found only in the highlands of Scotland.
The potion is a mixture of two ingredients:
1) A tiny white flower that blooms once a year in the mountains of Scotland.

2) A special root that grows deep below the surface of the earth.
If the ingredients are mixed together correctly, the resulting potion should cure the curse.
You mix the ingredients and drink the concoction.

The curses begins to reverse, but you suffer the following side effects:

1) Your vision is blurry.
2) You can't walk straight.
3) You feel dizzy.
4) You start to hallucinate.
5) Your mind feels heavy, like you are drowning in a sea of thought.

You pass out and when you come to, you are cured.  However, the hospital is in chaos.

You rush back to your treatment room and see the patient standing there, his face swollen and bruised.
"I..." he says, "I can't believe you saved me... thank you...

You realize the patient has gone on a rampage while you were resting.

"Who are you?" you ask the patient. "Where are you from?"
"I... I can't remember," he says, "but I know I am cursed, and I know something is wrong with my eye."

You realize the patient's other eye and begun to multiple and turn into a horrifying abomination.  You have to administer the cure, but first you have to get close to him.

"Quickly now!" you say, "The cure is right behind you. Turn around and take it!"
The patient turns around and takes the cure.
"Thank you," he says gratefully.

You realize that the cure is not a high enough dosage for the patient, he still continues to transform and mutate!

"No problem," you say reassuringly, "we'll fix this."
You give the patient another dose of the cure.
"I feel much better now," he says.
You realize that the cure is now finally working and the patient is about to stop transforming.

You hear a ruckus outside, you realize the horde of cursed patients has overpowered the quarantine barrier.  You do not have enough supplies to make the cure for everyone and you watch as the infected take over the city!

"We have to hurry," you yell, "Get ready to run!"
You grab the patient and begin to run.
You race to your car, and drive out of town.
You are driving along the highway, when suddenly, the patient jumps out of the car!

You don't care and slam a whole container of pain meds and drive off into the sunset.

You are now in a desert wasteland.
You have lost your car and you are alone.
You have a lot of supplies, but you also have a few problems:
1) You are all out of food.

2) You are low on water.
3) There is nowhere to go.
4) The sun is setting.
You look around and see something that might solve your problems...  A small shack in the distance.

You enter the shack and find
 it empty.
You search the place and find a small bottle filled with a mysterious liquid.
You pour the liquid into a glass and drink it.
Suddenly, your mind feels much lighter and you feel refreshed.

You brush off the dust on the bottle and see that you have drunk:

"The Elixir of Life".  It's a very rare liquid that makes you immortal.
You are suddenly full of energy and you sprint out of the shack.
You are so excited because you know exactly what to do now!

You are going to build your own hospital!
You throw your supplies into the back of your truck and begin to drive towards the hospital site.
As you speed along the highway, you see an old abandoned gas station ahead.

You stop at the gas station and notice the infected have made there way to the dessert!

You race inside the station to look for some supplies.
You find a large barrel of gasoline and you start to siphon some fuel into your tank.
"Hey, hey, what are you doing?"

You look up and see
 a man standing in front of you. He looks like he's been through hell!
"I'm not stealing this fuel," you say, "It belongs to you!"
The man shakes his head.

The man tells you his name is
 Mr Smith.
Mr Smith explains that the gas station has been boarded up for years, after the zombie outbreak.
"I've been living here ever since," he says.
"And how long have you been living here?"
 asks Dr House.
"I don't know," says Mr Smith. "It feels like forever."
"Oh yeah, why haven't you moved? Why haven't you escaped the city?"
 asks Dr House.
"Because I'm afraid," says Mr Smith. "Once you're bitten by the zombies, you become one of them. I don't want to live with myself anymore."

You team up with Mr Smith and officially take him under your wing as your hospital's first new doctor.

After the two of you fill your tanks, you continue on your journey.
You are now on the outskirts of town.
You notice a small clinic and park your truck in front of it.

You say, "This is it!  I will call this new hospital:
 'The Hospital of Hope'."
Mr Smith agrees with your naming choice and the two of you get to work making a plan.
You have decided to divide the building into three sections:
1) The waiting room.

2) The examination rooms.
3) The operating theatre.
You quickly organize the construction plans for your new hospital.
You set up a schedule and assign different jobs to each of the doctors.