AI Generated Futurama

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You are Fry, a pizza delivery boy from the 20th century that has been frozen and awaken in the year 3000.  You join a space delivery company with your friends Bender and your crush Lela.
 But it isn't long before you learn that all is not as it seems in your new home. Your past self is dead, and a terrible future has been foretold. The fate of mankind may rest in your hands.

> You learn of an apocalyptic event about to hit Earth that only you can prevent.  It is
 decided that the time is right to enact this plot.
You receive a mysterious video message that reveals to you that you are to travel back in time and prevent the apocalypse by taking a mystical stone tablet from the "The Well of Souls."

> You go inside a cardboard box labeled "Time masheen" and are sent away to a new land.

You arrive in the land of Ooo and discover that it's nothing like what you remember. It is covered in ice and is populated by strange monsters. You spend the next several hours looking for a way back.

> You accidentally stumble upon "The Well of Souls" and you try to use the tablet that you were given, but you cannot figure it out.

You wake up on a beach surrounded by sand. You seem to have gone through time again. You must use the tablet that you were given to figure out how to get back.
look at the tablet and see that it has the following instructions written on the back:
 "Take the tablet and hold it above your head. Now bring it down gently, letting it rest on the sand."
You look up and see a giant hand appear from the sky and carry you up into the sky and toss you out over the ocean.

You wake up back in the future and realize you have done it!  The apocalypse has been prevented!  But the future has changed in the following weird and wacky ways:

The old you has returned, but he is now an old man with grey hair and a beard. He introduces himself as the Master and states that the reason you are able to use the tablet was because you were "destined to be here, and that's why we chose you."

You suspect that this might be a trap and ask your "old you" something only you would know:
 what is the meaning behind his tattoo on his neck?
"We knew the people of the future would be searching for meaning, and so we gave them a mystery, something that would change how they think."

You look at the tattoo, it is a
Your old self begins to laugh. "I guess I didn't die after all."
You look out at the ocean, it seems like the apocalypse has finally begun.
You go to the "New Jersey" room.

In the "New Jersey" room, you experience a simulation of New Jersey as Tony Soprano.

You get on an airplane and take off to the place where the simulation of New Jersey was made.
You get out of the airplane and meet a character named Tony Soprano who looks just like you, but acts like an insane Italian mob boss.

You ask Tony Soprano if he knows how to prevent the apocalypse and surprisingly he does!  Tony tells you that to prevent the end of everything, you must
 go into the basement of Tony's house.
Tony points you to a door on the right side of the room and says, "The basement is where I keep my gun collection, but you shouldn't go in there.

You go in there.

You get a glimpse of Tony's secret stash of firearms, but there is a horde of mummified-looking people in there that try to attack you.
You look at the body of a guy lying next to you, but you can't see his face very well because he is
 mummified. You look at the corpse of a guy wearing a mask, but you can't tell who he really is. You look at a body wearing a bowtie and you recognize him as Tony Soprano.

You are shocked and realize that Tony is the leader of a clone mummy army that will bring about the apocalypse.  You yell at Tony, "Why are you trying to end the whole world!?"

Tony answers, "The end of the world will be a wonderful place. Everything I love will end when the world ends."
You get back on the plane and go back to New Jersey.

You ask Bender to help you stop Tony Soprano, but he is too drunk, so you ask Lela instead.
 She agrees to help, and says you should all go together.
You tell Lela about your theory that Tony is the one trying to start the apocalypse and Lela immediately believes you. You fly on a spaceship to New York, the base of Tony Soprano's power.

You, Lela, and Bender fight the mummy clone Tony Soprano army, but there are too many of them.  Just when all hope is lost, the professor appears with an invention to solve everything: a
 laser cannon.
"Bender, we have to end this now! It's all over!"
You shoot Tony Soprano and his clones. The laser cannon blows up, destroying all of Tony's clones, and the ship that you and Lela and Bender are on as well.