AI Generated Friends – You Joey and you are living in New York City with your FRIENDS.

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You Joey and you are living in New York City with your FRIENDS.  You have a coffee shop where you often hangout with your best friends: Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross!
 The place is always packed with people from all over the world.
One day you notice that your coffee cup has been moved.  It had been sitting on top of the newspaper section of the daily paper in front of you.

You notice a beautiful woman has mistaken your cup for her own and walk up and say to her, "How you doing?"
 She turns around and says, "I'm great."
"Yeah? What's going on?" You ask.
She smiles at you and says, "I'm looking for my cup."
"Oh," you say, realizing what she meant.

You realize this beautiful women is actually a ghost!
 She died some time ago and has been haunting the area ever since. You feel sorry for her as you think about how she died and how lonely it must be for her.
The woman seems surprised by your response and asks, "Do you believe in ghosts?"

You lie and say, "Yeah of course!"

"Well then I guess I'll see you later!" And with that she walks away.
You go back to reading the paper when suddenly you hear screaming coming from the street outside. You look out the window and see a crowd running towards the building.
 A moment later there is an explosion and smoke starts pouring into the hallway. You run down the stairs and head for the door when you spot something strange on the ground. There is a note attached to the door handle.
 It reads:
 Dear Joey Tribbiani,
 If you're reading this, you've probably just seen me die again. 
 It's funny because I was just thinking about you earlier today.

You look up and see that everything is actually fine and you were just having a vision of the past.
 You pick up the note and throw it away. You continue through the door and find yourself in the alleyway behind the coffee shop. The alley is filled with trash cans and dumpsters but there is also a large hole in the wall which leads to the sewers below.

You are about to turn back when you hear the laughing of the beautiful woman ghost coming from the sewers.  You leave your FRIENDS behind and enter the sewers alone.
 You walk down the dark tunnel until you reach the end where you can see a small light shining through the darkness ahead. As you approach the light you start hearing laughter echoing off the walls. You step through the opening and you come face-to-face with a beautiful young girl who is dressed in a
 sexy outfit made entirely of flowers. She is holding a candle and standing in the middle of a large room lit only by the flickering flame.
You say, "Hello."
She looks at you and says, "Hi."

The flame goes out for a moment, but then a bright light appears and illuminates the sewers
She turns to you and says, "I thought I would never meet anyone down here."
You say, "I'm not really sure why I'm here either."
She takes a seat on one of the many crates and says, "I'm waiting for someone."

You stare for a moment and realize this woman looks a lot like Phoebe.

"Are you related to Phoebe?" You ask.
She smiles and says, "Yes, we're sisters. Our parents got married right after high school."
You say, "Oh, I didn't know she had any family."

The woman tells you her name is Ursula.
 She tells you she has been wandering the sewers for years now, searching for her sister. She had finally found her way back to the cafe where you work.
Ursula tells you she had been trying to make her way back home for years.

You buy a flamethrower and return to the sewers.
 You climb back up the ladder and go through the opening. You stand in the sewer tunnel for a moment before turning back to the woman.
"What do you want me to do?" You ask.

Ursula stands up and smiles at you.
She says, "I don't know. Just hold my hand for a while. I think I'll need it."
You take her hand and lead her through the tunnel.
 You hear the giggling and laughing echo throughout the sewers. You walk for a few minutes until you reach a fork in the road. The left path leads deeper into the sewers and the right branch goes north.

You follow the laughter and see the rest of your FRIENDS!
 They are all still wearing their costumes from the party. They have all been playing games in the sewers.
You say, "Where did you guys go?"
They cheer and say, "We went on a date with each other!"

You introduce your friends to Ursula and Phoebe immediately begins to screams, "That's the ghost of my dead sister!  Joey have you no shame!?"

You quickly tell them that it was just a joke.
"It's ok," says Ursula. "I understand. My sister died in the same accident that killed our parents. We never knew if she survived or not."

Ursula finally tells Phoebe how she always felt about her:

"Phoebe, I love you more than anything in the world. Please forgive me for being such a horrible person."
Phoebe is stunned by what she hears and says, "You mean...

A bright light appears and Ursula begins to head towards it.
 You try to grab her arm but she disappears into the light.
You turn around and see that the sewer entrance has disappeared. You are once again standing in the alleyway outside the coffee shop.

Phoebe cries tears of happiness and you say, "So Phoebe... how you doing?"

She hugs you tightly and says, "I'm so happy to be alive. Thank you for bringing me back. I'll never forget this day."
You smile and say, "No problem."