AI Generated Fraiser – You are ​Dr Fraiser Crane, Seattle area radio personality and psychiatrist.

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You are ​Dr Frasier Crane, Seattle area radio personality and psychiatrist.
 You have a successful career as a doctor, but you feel your life is lacking something. 
One night you receive an invitation to the wedding of two old friends from college. They have invited you because they know that you were once in love with one another.

Your old friend is now famous singer Lady Gaga, you walk up and attempt to flirt.
 She asks if you want to dance, but you tell her that you are not much of a dancer.
She then says she has heard about your work on radio shows. "Oh, I listen to Dr Crane all the time!"

You ask Lady Gaga, "What is your favorite episode?"

"The one where he gave me my diagnosis."
You ask what kind of diagnosis.
Lady Gaga tells you that she was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder when she was younger. She talks about how it had been a difficult childhood, and how hard it was for her to get through school because
 of it. But now things were different, and she was happy.
You ask her why she is marrying Michael Jackson.
"He's rich," she replies.
"I'm going to be rich too."

You convince Lady Gaga to give you a chance and ask her on a date.
 You go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The food is delicious, and you enjoy the company of Lady Gaga.
After dinner you take her home. You enter her apartment building and go up to her place.
 As you approach her door, you notice that there are strange symbols painted on it.
You knock on the door. There is no answer. You knock again. Still no answer. You try the knob and find that it is unlocked.

You enter the apartment and are immediately swarmed by a horde of paparazzi.
 They attack you and begin taking photos of you. You fight them off, and they flee into the next room.
You move deeper into the apartment and see that it looks like it hasn't been lived in for quite some time.

> You ask "What is going on?"

A woman dressed in a black dress and wearing a veil appears behind you. She takes the veil away and reveals herself to be Lady Gaga.
"Hello, Dr Crane."
You ask her, "Why did you paint those symbols on your door?"

She answers, "Those are the symbols of obsession."
You ask, "How do you know I am obsessed with you?"
Lady Gaga explains, "You told me so yourself earlier this evening."

> You explain to Lady Gaga that marrying Michael Jackson solely for his money is not worth it.

You tell her, "You should marry someone who will make you happy, not just for their wealth."
Lady Gaga agrees, "That's true. I need to find a man who can appreciate me for me."

> You lean in for a kiss.

You ask Lady Gaga, "Do you think you could ever love me?"
Lady Gaga smiles, "Maybe someday."
You press your lips against hers, and she returns the kiss passionately.
After a moment, you pull back and ask, "What does it mean?"

Before Lady Gaga has a chance to answer, Michael Jackson moonwalks in from the balcony.
 He grabs you and kisses you deeply.
"Ooh! Ooooh!"
You scream in surprise as you realize that Michael Jackson is actually a vampire.
Michael Jackson laughs, "I knew you would fall for me eventually."

You resist Michael Jackson's gaze and profess your love for Lady Gaga.

"No! No, I don't want to be with you!"
Michael Jackson tries to force himself on you, but you manage to escape. You run outside, and you hear Michael Jackson screaming, "I'll kill you, bitch!"

You flee through the streets of Seattle, but Michael's inhuman speed catches up to you in a dark alleyway.
 He tackles you and begins tearing at your clothes. You struggle with him, and he manages to rip open your shirt.
You scream in pain as Michael Jackson tears at your skin. You look down and see blood dripping from your chest.

You ask Michael Jackson, "Why me?"

He growls, "Because I wanted to drink your blood."
You tell Michael Jackson, "You're sick."
"You're right," he says. "I am sick. I've been drinking the blood of virgins to keep myself alive."

> You try to give Michael Jackson some therapy.

You tell Michael Jackson, "You need help."
"I know," he replies. "But I don't trust anyone. Not even you."
You ask, "Who else could I possibly be obsessed with?"

Macaulay Culkin shoots Michael with a crossbow. After escaping Michael years ago, he trained as a vampire hunter in the hopes of one day defeating him.

Michael Jackson turns to face Macaulay and asks, "How did you find me?"
Macaulay replies, "I followed the trail of your victims."
Michael Jackson screams in rage and lunges towards Macaulay.

> You watch as Macaulay and Michael have an epic fight.

You watch as Macaulay and Michael fight, slashing and stabbing at each other.
Macaulay finally manages to shoot Michael with a silver arrow, which pierces his heart.
Michael collapses to the ground, and you rush over to him.

You hear Michael's final words:
 "I... I didn't want to hurt you..."
You hold Michael's cold body in your arms.
You cry, "It's okay. It's okay."
As you cradle Michael in your arms, you feel a warmth spreading through your body.
 You look down and see that Michael's wounds are closing.
You ask, "Is it really you? Is it really you?"
Michael Jackson whispers, "Yes."
You ask, "How can I believe you?"

Michael says, "Just look at the man in the mirror!"  You look and notice that Michael Jackson has possessed your body.

You laugh, "Well, you were right. I guess it is my turn to change."
You say goodbye to Lady Gaga and embrace Michael Jackson.
You whisper, "I love you."

You begin to transform and change into
 something new. As you do, you feel a deep sense of peace wash over you.
You smile, "This feels wonderful."
The world around you changes. The sun shines brightly above, and the clouds are gone.

You look back into the mirror and notice you look like
 a goddess.
You turn to Michael Jackson and ask, "Are you ready?"
Michael replies, "Ready as I'll ever be."
You step out onto the balcony, and the crowd goes wild.

You shout to the crowd, "I have ascended, please call me by my new name: The Rumble!"

The crowd cheers wildly, and you feel a great power flowing through you.
You turn to Michael Jackson and ask, "Are you sure about this?"
Michael replies, "I'm ready."

But Michael is not thinking the same thing you are and forces you to jump off the balcony and dangle to the fans below.

You scream, "I can fly!"
You soar through the air and land safely on top of the stage.
You smile, "Let's go get drunk."
You and Michael walk arm-in-arm into the night.