AI Generated Dragon Ball Z

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You are Goku, a Saiyan living on Earth.  You are very strong and will do anything to defend you friends and family from danger.  You look outside and see an alien craft land.  You rush out to see who it is and approach with caution.
 "Who's there?" You ask loudly.
Your voice echoes throughout the planet as your feet touch down in front of the ship. The hatch opens up and a small purple creature comes walking out.

The purple creature tells you it's name is
 Bulma Briefs and that she came to this planet for peace talks between her people and yours. She asks if you would come inside for coffee? You're a little hesitant at first but eventually agree because of how nice she seems.

You tell Miss Briefs that it is nice to have a peaceful alien visit Earth.  You tell her about all of the foes you have fought in the past that tried to destroy Earth and conquer the universe.

Miss Briefs smiles and tells you about her people's love for humanity, their desire to create a utopian society together, and how they want to make sure humans are safe while being able to live in space safely.

You agree with Miss Briefs and ask her what you can do to make this utopia a reality.
 Her smile fades into a frown and she says, "I've been here long enough now. I'm not going back until my mission is done."
You say nothing more than that it was nice to meet her before getting up to leave.

Bulma Briefs says she is not here to create a Utopia, but to unite existing Utopia's into Galactic Utopian Organization.  Bulma briefs takes a fighting stance and tells you that she has to destroy Earth to protect her Utopian society.

She explains that there are two races of aliens, the Utopians, and the Genestalkers. The Genestalkers created the Earth and its inhabitants. They then took control over most other planets around the universe to be used by them as breeding grounds and factories.

You throw a quick flurry of punches, but Bulma Briefs easily dodges them.  You cannot underestimate her as she appears to have an incredibly high power level.

After knocking you flat onto the ground, she pins you down and starts strangling you with her tail.
You struggle against her to get away, but she is too strong for you. She looks into your eyes and asks why you won't just die like everyone else.

You escape the hold and scream, "I fight for my friends!"
 and go Super Saiyan.

You knock Bulma Briefs away, then run toward the ship. It opens up for you so you can step inside quickly. Bulma Briefs tries to follow you inside but her foot catches on some debris and she falls backwards off the edge of the cliff.

Utopian Police Investigators arrive at Earth and don't believe your story about Bulma Briefs just "falling off a cliff".  They arrest you and seize control of Earth.

You end up spending three months in prison before finally managing to bribe your way out. Your friend Trunks is still in custody, however, as he did not manage to get away from his cell fast enough.

In prison, you got a tattoo of
 the Dragon Balls to represent freedom and hope for the future.
At last, you were released and could return to Earth. You find Bulma Briefs' body crushed under rocks below the cliff she fell from.

You gather the dragon balls to bring Bulma Briefs back to life and clear your name.

When you open the portal to the next world, a group of Genestalkers appear. These creatures are large, purple, and have six tentacles on each side.
One of the Genestalkers grabs you and tells you to stay calm.

He puts his hands on your shoulders and teleports you to his homeworld. There, you see that the Genestalkers have taken control of the entire planet. Their population lives underground in tunnels in the dark.

You realize thte Genestalkers have take your dragon balls and make a wish for
 unlimited energy. They also put a force field around the planet to keep it from being destroyed or conquered.
You are stuck in this place and no matter how much you try to get out, it seems like the only way you will ever be free is to steal the dragon balls again.

You are constantly watched by the Genestalkers, but you still manage to steal all of the dragon balls away.  Just as you are about to make your wish, Bulma Briefs catches you and challenges you a battle.

Bulma Briefs throws a punch at you, but misses due to your speed.
You use the momentum from the punch to spin around and kick her hard in the face.
She flies through the air and lands in front of one of the giant stone pillars on the floor of the room.

You falls down dead and you realize that this was all recorded and broadcast live to the entire galaxy.  Everyone just witnessed you killing Bulma Briefs.

A few years later, the United Planets Alliance sent a fleet to investigate the destruction of the Genestalker planet. The UNPA ships discovered that the Genestalkers had indeed destroyed themselves and their planet.