AI Generated Doctor Who

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You are the Doctor, a British time-traveler. You get into the Tardis and go to the year 2022. You meet a man named Tony. You think he is your biggest fan. However, Tony claims that isn't true.
 He says you have no fans at all. After speaking with him some more, you learn that he has seen you in person before.
He tells you about how when he was young he saw a man who looked like the Doctor enter a pub called "The Rose and Crown".

You suspect someone is pretending to be you, so you decide to visit "The Rose and Crown" and sure enough you see a look alike pretending to be you.
 This man is very much an impostor! It seems he has been sent by the Daleks to steal your Time Lord powers for their own.
So you put on your hat, coat and scarf and head out of town.

You head back in time and destroy "The Rose and Crown".

You then return to the present day only to find out that Tony was a real fan of yours. The imposter had caused the entire incident because he wanted you to feel bad about being a fake.

You realize that although this other "Doctor" is an imposter, he can also travel through time and space.  How is this possible?!
 You aren't sure. But you must stop him.
You are now the Doctor once again. You must find this other "Doctor" and ask him where you should go next.
You think of traveling to the past.

You go to your favorite place in hopes the imposter will show up, you go to
 the pub "The Rose and Crown".
But no one knows anything about the imposter or his whereabouts.
You leave, disappointed.
You head home to tell Mrs. Pond what happened, but she already knows.

The imposter emerges from the kitchen pantry and says, "Finally we meet!"

He's wearing a black suit, long hair, and glasses. His face looks familiar...
"I'm the Doctor," he says.  You are surprised to hear such a statement coming from someone who looks exactly like you.

You ask the imposter to humor you and elaborate.
 "Where did you come from?" you say.
"Oh, I don't know. I've always been here."
"No you haven't! This is my house!" you shout angrily.

Mrs Pond breaks up the bickering and says, "Let's do an experiment, what is something only the real Doctor would know?"

She then asks the imposter, "What is it?"
He replies, "That there is no such thing as monsters."
"It's a trick question!" you exclaim.
After a moment, Mrs. Pond gives you a knowing look and leaves the room.

Mrs Pond comes back with a DNA test.  You and the imposter are tied up as Mrs Pond finds out who is the real doctor and who is the imposter.

"You're not the Doctor!" shouts Mrs. Pond.
"Of course I am!" says the imposter.
"You're not the Doctor at all!" yells Mrs. Pond.

The DNA tests results are in: You ARE the father of the imposter!
 You are amazed!
Mrs. Pond takes you aside and explains how she got mixed up in everything. She says that the imposter was hired by the Daleks to steal your time travelling abilities.

Your son tells you of his troubled past and how he was raised by the Daleks.

"If only I hadn't done this..." says the imposter.
"If only you hadn't done that," you reply.
Mrs. Pond then brings up that you two are father and son.

You ask your son, what is your name?

"My name is David."
You then ask the imposter, "What is your name?"
You turn to Mrs. Pond, "How could you let me believe he was my son?"

Mrs Pond shakes her head and takes you both to family therapy.

You meet with Dr. Walthrop, a psychiatrist.  You explain the situation and tell him about the imposter.
He replies, "Well, at least you know now."
Then Mrs. Pond begins to cry and you begin to smile.

You get everything off your chest and unload a bunch of secrets to your son:
 "I had an affair with this woman named Rosa, and I'm really a Time Lord".
"Mommy, why didn't you tell us sooner?" asks David.
"I wasn't ready to tell you until now," says Mrs. Pond.

Mrs Pond reveals herself to be a Dalek in disguise!
 You realize that she is using her ability to travel between times and places to try to get revenge on you for getting her kicked out of the Time Lords.
You and Mrs. Pond then begin a long and hard battle with the Daleks.

You summon your ultimate weapon:
 a special hammer which has the power to destroy an enemy.
You are about to use this hammer against the Daleks, when you see the imposter.
You grab the imposter and use the hammer to knock him out.

You continue to hammer time all of the Daleks, but there are too many!

One last giant Dalek arrives, and you and Mrs. Pond decide to surrender.
A few days later, you wake up in prison.
You have been charged with the murder of a number of people and the destruction of an ancient pub.

You arrive in Time Court and meet with your public defender, a tiny alien name Kleborp.

Kleborp explains that the charges are trumped up and that it was all a misunderstanding.
The judge enters the courtroom, dressed in a very old fashioned robe.
The Judge says, "Before we begin, I'd like to apologize for the delay.
 As you may know, I'm very busy. Before we go any further, I have a few questions for you. Firstly, who are you?"
"I am Dr. David Tennant, and I am a Time Lord", you answer.

Kleborp makes his opening statement:
 "My client is innocent."
The judge nods and says, "Thank you Mr. Kleborp. Now, Doctor, what is your full name?"
"David Tennant."
The judge stares at you for a few seconds.

That opening statement brings about a standing ovation in the court.

The judge smiles and says, "Very well then, Doctor. Tell me, what is your occupation?"
"I am a Time Lord and actor. I am also a writer."

The defense, a Dalek, makes their opening statement:
 "As your Honor knows, I am the oldest and most powerful Dalek ever made. And as you know, Doctor Who is a very popular television show. My client has been framed by a human known as Mrs. Pond, who wishes to take revenge on Doctor Who for the death of her daughter."

The Judge says, "I think I've heard enough, in the case of David Tennant vs the Daleks, I rule that Mr Tennant is
 innocent and free to go."
You thank everyone for their support and exit the courtroom.
You are now a famous actor/time traveller.