AI Generated Dino Documentary

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You are Brent Hannigan, documentary film maker working on your newest documentary about uncovering old dinosaur bones.  Everything is going well until one day you uncover
 a T-rex skeleton instead! You rush to get help, but it's too late. The T-rex breaks free and runs away.

You chase the T-Rex into the forest, where he hides under a log.

  You can see the T-rex skeleton is afraid and you try to lure it out with a Milky Way candy bar.
  The T-rex comes out from under the log and takes the Milky Way in his mouth.

Your jaw drops as the T-rex is clearly going to devour you alive. But then suddenly the T-rex starts shaking uncontrollably, falls over, and starts breathing heavily!
  You realize the T-rex is having a severe allergic reaction to the Milky Way.
  It was also eating some of your other favorite candies which have caused this to happen.

You rush to get help. As soon as you return with a doctor, the T-rex collapses and dies!

You attempt to give the T-rex CPR.
  The doctor says that if he survives, you may have to amputate his tail to stop the massive swelling.

The T-rex lives!  You are relieved to say the least, but then you remember you never got your hands on the T-rex skeleton.

You are given many awards for your discovery which include:

• The Oscar Award
• The Golden Globe Award
• And finally the Nobel Peace Prize.
But after all the celebration you learn that there's been another T-Rex skeleton found in South America and people are calling you a fake.

You travel to South America and meet your rival documentary film maker Phil Phally.
 You compete against each other and both claim to be the rightful owners of the skeleton.
It comes down to a final showdown between you and Phil. Phil will have to produce the skeleton within 24 hours or he'll be forced to forfeit the ownership rights of the bones.

You challenge Phil to 
 The rules of the game are as follows:
1.) Each player picks one skeleton to compete in the contest.
2.) Each player will give a reason why they believe their skeleton is the best skeleton.

3.) The audience votes and whoever has the most votes wins the contest.
4.) If the contestants cannot agree on a skeleton then the skeleton who has the most votes at the end of the day will be the winner.

You give your impassioned speech:
 "I believe my skeleton is the greatest because it has over 200 pieces of evidence proving the truth about the existence of dinosaurs."
Phil gives his speech: "I believe my skeleton is the greatest because it was dug up by my own personal team of scientists who are also experts in paleontology.

The audience votes, the winner is:
The show goes off with a bang but Phil gets angry and begins screaming about how he will never hand over his skeleton to you.
"That's right," you say. "Until I find the rest of the skeleton, I'm keeping the T-rex as my own.

You command your T-rex to eat Phil.
  Phil is devoured alive by the T-rex.
Everyone cheers!
You are a famous scientist who has been working for years to prove the existence of dinosaurs.
You finally finish your research and discover that all the dinosaur fossils are fake!

After many experiments, you find that all the fossils of "dinosaurs" are actually of
 man made creatures like robots and toys.
You go public with this discovery, but not everyone is happy with your findings. Some people are angered by your theories, so they hire you to investigate the "real" skeletons of dinosaurs.

You have become an outcast due to your radical new ideas.  You lose all funding for the documentary and are stripped of all your awards.  You know that you are right and you continue to investigate on your own.

You decide to dig up your own dinosaur bones from your backyard.  This leads you to find a whole slew of strange animals in your back yard that you never knew existed.
You learn from your mistakes and begin researching what other dinosaur species live in the wild today.
 You then travel to Africa and find the original skeleton of an actual dinosaur.
You are so excited when you return home and show your wife all the amazing information you've learned.
Your wife tells you that you'll get more recognition for your discoveries if you change the name of your documentary.

You change the name of your documentary to
"I Found a Dinosaur and Now Everyone Knows About It"
You and your team make the discovery of a lifetime
 the first ever dinosaur nest.  The scientists quickly find several baby T-Rexes inside. You name your new discovery, "Eggbert," and bring him to a local museum in order to spread the word about these amazing creatures.

You take your discover to a Rock & Mineral Expo.

You and a few of your friends set up an exhibition stand to promote your new discovery.
The only problem is that you don't really know how to talk to people, so you try your best to answer all their questions

"What do you do with a baby T-Rex?  You have to feed it every two hours or he won't survive.  And once it's full grown it eats three times its body weight a day."

You show off Eggbert the T-rex and immediately Eggbert is overwhelmed by all the people and flashing lights.
  He charges at the crowd and scares everyone away.
Your team rushes out to calm Eggbert down. You try to convince him not to scare them away but he just keeps running into the crowd.

Eggbert climbs the Sears Tower holding a scared woman.  You fly in a helicopter and attempt to shoot a tranquilizer at Eggbert.

You miss and Eggbert falls from the top of the building.
You catch Eggbert's fall.  It's a close call because the fall only knocks him out instead of killing him.

You become famous and your tarnished reputation changes overnight as every begins to believe you.

You go to work on your new documentary, which is now called "T-Rex, The Man."

You've been working for the government for many years and have discovered something truly extraordinary.
  You have finally figured out where all the dinosaurs are!
You set up a camera in one of the most remote parts of the world so you can record everything that happens. You also hire a local crew to help.

The dinosaurs have all been hiding in a retirement facility in Florida!

After making the discovery, you realize you can no longer keep this secret. Your superiors and other scientists have found out about the discovery and want to come to see what all the fuss is about.