AI Generated Courtroom Reality TV

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You are Judge Richard Justice, the host of a new reality TV called "Enemies".  It is a courtroom drama that put enemies against each other in a small claims suit.  Our first case of the day is:

"I want to sue my mother for giving me away when I was born."
The judge nods and says, "Why?"
"She gave me away because she didn't want me.

You give the mother a chance to make an opening statement:
 "My son does not have a leg to stand on. He was adopted by our neighbor when he was just a baby. We raised him as our own until we found out who his real parents were.

 His birth father had been convicted of murder and sent to prison before he could be tried for it so we took care of him in place of his natural parents. My son has never known any different than living with us and knows how much we love him.

You allow the son to make a rebuttal:
 "I'm tired of hearing about what loving parents you've always been to me. You're all lies! I hate my life and wish I would have stayed dead. It's only thanks to that damn Judge Simon that I'm still alive and able to go after the people who did this to me.

You ask if the son has any evidence to backup his claims.

The son replies, "Yes, I do. Here's the receipt from when they bought the casket and flowers for my funeral. There is also the bill for the burial plot. As you can see, they paid full price.

You rule in favor of the son.  The next case on the docket:

"I want to sue my sister for stealing my identity."

You a
sk the sister for her opening statement:
 "I don't know why I'm doing this! I never wanted anything to do with my brother anyway. He wasn't even given a proper burial so how could you expect me to? Now I'm stuck being the one to take care of him forever.

You double check your paperwork and are shocked to learn that the son from the first case is also suing his sister.  You allow the son to make an opening statement... again:

"My sister stole my identity and used it to get everything she ever wanted. She married a rich man who only agreed to marry her because he knew she had money. Since then, she's been spending every penny on herself.

You look at woman's driver license and see she has stolen his name:
 Richard Justice.
You rule in favor of the son.  Your final case today:
"I want to sue my daughter for breaking into my house while I was out of town and taking my car without asking.

You look down and see it is once again your son Richard Justice Jr suing his daughter.  You ask Richard Jr for his opening statement:

"I was home alone last week and some girl broke in through my bedroom window and stole my car. Then she drove off in it and left me stranded here in town. I can't afford to replace my car but I sure can afford to sue my daughter for stealing it."

You ask, "Are you sure your daughter stole the car and not another female burglar?"

Richard Jr replies, "What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it was my daughter!"
You say, "It is very strange that a young lady would break into her father's house and steal his car.

You turn to the daughter and ask where she was the night the car was stolen.

She states, "I was at a club getting drunk. I got kicked out because I couldn't control myself. I was a mess so I went back to the hotel room to sleep it off.

You say, "Anyone there with you that could vouch for this alibi?"

The daughter replies, "No one."
You say, "Then I'm afraid I have no choice but to rule in favor of your father."

You wake up the next day to hear knocking at your front door.  You open it and are immediately served with a lawsuit.  Your son is suing you!

You look over the papers and find he is suing you for giving his life meaning and making him feel like he mattered.  You are shocked and deny it all.
He pleads with you to stop denying it.

You are shocked to learn that you are the Judge for your own case.  You let your son make his opening statement:

"This has nothing to do with you. I'm only trying to right the wrongs done to me by my own family. I deserve more than what they gave me.
You allow your son to make a rebuttal:
"I don't need you to tell me what's fair or
 unfair. Fairness isn't exactly something you guys think about. You are all liars and cheats. You pretend to be nice to me and act as though you love me then rip me off and leave me with nothing.

You give your side of the story:
 "I don't understand what my son is talking about. I've been good to you since the day you were born. I've never taken advantage of you. When you were a baby we had to move for work and I had to rent somewhere else temporarily.

 That was the longest month of my life! All we had was each other. I couldn't believe you were gone for so long. It was hell on earth without you. But I know now that it was worth it.

You are ready to make your judgement:
 "In my court today I am Judge Richard Justice, presiding over a very unusual case. In this case, a man named Richard Justice Jr, who was born and raised in a small town called Southwick, Massachusetts, is suing his own father for giving his life meaning and making him feel like he mattered


The plaintiff in this case is claiming that his adoptive parents gave him more than enough to live comfortably and support himself. He is saying his entire life was made possible by his birth parents' sacrifice.
His father, a man named Richard Justice Sr., claims he has given his son everything he needed throughout his
The verdict:
 The jury finds in favor of the defendant.

You watch your son hang his head dejected as he walk

court room

You hold a press conference
 to explain the outcome to the public.
You say, "The defendant has won the case. The jury found that the defendant has done more for the plaintiff than anyone else in his life. The defendant has done everything he could to help his son succeed and prosper.
 The defendant has provided everything the plaintiff has ever asked for to ensure his success and happiness.
The plaintiff was seeking monetary compensation for the services he received from his birth parents. This would have been unjustified.