AI Generated Fort Boyard

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You are a police officer investigating criminal activity taking place on a French reality TV Show called 
"Fort Boyard".
 The show is about to start, and contestants have been divided into two groups. You need to find the key that will unlock the door in order for you to escape from this room!

> You suspect the producers of the show are laundering drug money, so you go undercover as one of the contestants.  Your first challenge is
 to locate some hidden gold coins somewhere around the fort.
The fort is full of traps and puzzles -- can you solve them all?  There's also an invisible wall blocking your way out, but luckily there's a secret passage leading west through the woods.

> You are doing surprisingly well and make it through puzzles and traps with ease, until.

A trapdoor opens beneath you and you fall down into darkness below! Can you get back up before being crushed by falling rocks or eaten alive by snakes?!
Your cell phone rings loudly.
 It's the producer calling again, wanting to know if he should send in another contestant for tomorrow night's episode. He says they've already got five people locked inside Fort Boyard, but maybe you could help him find someone who would be more suitable...

> You call Houdini and he appears the next day to help you out.

Houdini has come along to see how well you do against these challenges. So far, you're doing pretty well; you just made it past three different deathtraps without getting caught. Now you must defeat four deadly monsters: a giant spider, a poisonous snake, a hungry crocodile, and
 a fire-breathing dragon!
It turns out that the dragons aren't actually real, though -- they're holograms projected onto the walls using special technology developed by the villainous Dr. Voodoo.

> You have a revelation and realize this whole show is just a front for Dr Voodoo's criminal enterprise!

Dr. Voodoo wants to steal a treasure chest filled with diamonds and rubies from his rival, Count Dracula. But first, he needs to figure out how to open the safe where it's kept.

> You setup a secret meeting with Count Dracula and inform him of Dr Voodoo's plans.

Count Dracula doesn't seem too surprised when you tell him what Dr. Voodoo is planning. In fact, he seems quite eager to take part in the robbery himself. After all, he thinks, why shouldn't he benefit financially from all those years of hard work he put into creating the most powerful vampire
 army ever assembled?
After defeating the last monster, you finally reach the vault. However, there's no sign of the diamond box anywhere. Where did it go? Perhaps it was taken away by one of the other contestants during their stay here at Fort Boyard?

> You notice a note from Houdini in the vault, it says, "Thanks for all the diamonds sucka!"

You are a magician performing tricks for children at a birthday party. A little girl named Emily asks you to make her disappear. How will you trick her into disappearing?
This time, you'll use sleight of hand to distract everyone while you secretly move the tablecloth under the table to
 cover the little girl up. When the audience notices the missing child, it won't even occur to them that you might have done something wrong.
There's a loud explosion behind you, and smoke fills the hall!
 As you turn around, you see flames shooting out from one corner of the stage. The magician onstage looks confused as hell, and suddenly the curtain falls shut on its own! What happened!?
When the house lights come up, there's nothing left of the theater except piles of rubble.

It is Houndini!  He has fallen for your trap and is instantly surrounded by federal agents.
 They cuff him and carry him off.
The feds drag you outside, and you discover that they were only arresting Houndini because you had falsely accused him of kidnapping Emily!
But he never kidnapped anyone!

It was Dr Voodoo the whole time!  You were tricked!!!

Now the FBI is searching for you. Run away now and hide forever! Or give yourself up right away!

You run away and attempt to get vigilante justice on Dr Voodoo.
 You break into his mansion and attack him. His guards manage to beat you unconscious, however, and throw you in prison.
Unfortunately, you didn't kill Dr Voodoo. Instead, he escapes the jail and sets the entire town ablaze to lure you into killing him.

You know it is a trap, but you show up to the showdown with Dr Voodoo anyway.  You approach him with your gun drawn and read him his rights as you attempt to arrest Dr Voodoo.
 Unfortunately, Dr Voodoo manages to knock you unconscious before any actual violence occurs.
The two of you stand face to face in the middle of a burning building. You point a gun at Dr Voodoo, but he points one back at you and says: "I'm going to shoot you
." You pull the trigger and hear a click. You try again, and nothing happens.
"Well," says Dr Voodoo, "it seems like we both want to die today..."
Then he pulls out a pistol of his own and shoots you dead.

You fall down dead and realize you will never know who will win Fort Boyard.

You wake up in a hospital bed. The doctor tells you that you are lucky to be alive after your encounter with Dr Voodoo. He says that Dr Voodoo escaped from prison shortly before you arrived to confront him, and he suspects Dr Voodoo may still be out there somewhere.

You turn on the TV and see who won the show and it was none other than
 Doctor Voodoo!  Congratulations!  You have just become famous by beating one of the greatest criminals in history!
The police ask if you saw anything suspicious during your time at Fort Boyard.

You list all of the suspicious activities you witnessed at Fort Boyard:

-- Dr Voodoo's crew used mind control devices to keep contestants quiet about their true identities (and possibly forced them to participate in dangerous stunts)
-- Dr Voodoo stole diamonds and rubies from his rival, Count Dracula
-- Dr Voodoo built a secret underground laboratory where he created vamp
iric soldiers
-- Dr Voodoo planned to rob a bank using a robot duplicate of himself
However, the cops don't believe you. One cop says that "everyone knows that Fort Boyard is fake", and another says that "there's no such thing as vampires".

You realize Dr Voodoo is going to get away with it, unless
 you can prove his crimes before he does. You decide to follow him to Europe, where he lives in exile...
You arrive in Paris, France, where Dr Voodoo lives in hiding.

You shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and waterboard him in a hotel room until he confesses
 everything. Then you take him to jail.
In return for helping to catch Dr Voodoo, the French government grants you citizenship and gives you a job writing crime stories for their newspaper. You write articles about all kinds of criminal activity -- including Dr Voodoo's involvement in every single one of them!