AI Generated Code Geass

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You are Lelouch, a young man who can hypnotize people into doing anything you want. However, your hypnotizing power can only be used once per person, and you have to have direct eye-contact with them.
 Your mother has been kidnapped by the government, so you must track her down using your powers. You start off in Japan, but as you progress through the story, you'll travel to different countries.
  You hop in your mech and interrogate your only suspect:
 a woman named Kaname Tosen.
Izaya Orihara was the kind of guy who never thought twice about going out to play with his friends or joining his classmates on a field trip.

 He didn't like it when his mom got involved in his life, and he didn't like his dad either. But even though he had no real ties to anyone, he was still happy. Until one day...

I am the Black Prince, the last of my royal line. My kingdom has fallen to ruin, and I've sworn to bring my enemy to justice. But when I set out on this quest, I had no idea that my path would lead me to another world.

You ask Kaname to show you where your mother is being held captive.
 She leads you to an abandoned building near the docks. Inside, you find your mother and two other girls being held hostage.
Kaname shows you around the underground hideout. It's not much, but it's where they plan to escape to when the time comes.

You hear a noise and turn around.  It was a trap!  You are surrounded and the only way out is to fight.

It's almost time for your trial. As you're waiting, you suddenly feel a strange presence. A shadow passes over you, and when you look up, you see the most beautiful woman you've ever seen.
  You recognize the women as
 the Princesses of the Six Flowers.
The princesses are all looking at you. One of them says, "You have been chosen by fate. Your destiny is to become our king."
Lelouch was just an ordinary high school student until one day, he discovered that he had

 the power to hypnotize people. After his mother was kidnapped by the government, Lelouch decided to take matters into his own hands and track her down. He travels the world, interrogating suspects and following leads.
  You use a spoon you stole to dig your way out of the prison.  It takes many months, but you are finally ready make your escape.

You have to break through the enemy's defense line before they can reach the princesses. You begin your assault.
You and Kaname were childhood friends. You were always getting into trouble together, but you grew up and stopped hanging out.

Before you fight the enemy, you need some powerful allies.  You don't like it, but you try to recruit
 someone who could help you: Kurisu.
You find your mother and Kaname in the underground hideout. The princesses explain that they are trying to overthrow the government and return to their homeland.

  You convince Kurisu to join you, but he asks you for one thing:
 that you tell him why you want to do this.
Lelouch and his companions finally arrive at the palace of the Princess of the Rose. She has gathered the other princesses and is ready to launch her attack on the royal family.

  And all out battle begins, you are at the head of things and you are tearing through the enemy defenses until

 you see
 someone you know: Kaname Tosen.

You realize Kaname has betrayed you!  You have to fight h
 one on one

Kaname was once your childhood friend. But after you found out about h
 secret past, you became enemies. You've been searching for h
 ever since, and now you've finally caught up to h
You are pretty evenly matched, and the battle is long and drawn out

. You are so close to finishing him off, but he manages to escape.
It's been years since you last saw Kaname. He has grown into a handsome young man. He tells you that he is sorry for everything.

In the years after the battle:

After the battle, you're invited to join the Six Flowers. You refuse, but they don't give up. They send you letters every day, and when you go home, you find that they have planted flowers around your house.

  You finally cave in and join the Six Flowers.  They give you the nickname:
 the Black Prince.
You meet with the other princes of the Six Flowers. The princesses are preparing to attack the royal family. They need you to help them.
The princesses have been captured by the royal guards.

You look directly into the camera and says, "Here we go again!"