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Firelord Ozai wants to use the power of Sozin's comet and he has sent his children, Zuko and Azula. You are aided by a waterbender named Katara, her brother Sokka, and a blind girl named Toph.

As before, you must defeat Azula.
You are standing in the middle of a desert. The sun is setting behind you, and a storm is brewing. There is a path leading to the left and right.

You go right.
 You see some sand dunes in front of you; they look like an easy path through them, so that's where you'll start heading towards Zuko. As it turns out, Zuko has already been here for a while and set up camp under some trees on top of some rocks.

You track down Firelord Ozai and find him hiding at
 a monastery deep inside the desert with the monk named Kuei (the same as Katara). He wants to destroy the Earth King, Iroh.
The monastery has been abandoned; it is dark and there is nothing but dust in every nook of it.

You challenge him to a fight and use your airbender powers.
 He uses his firebending abilities, too - he's very strong! The fight goes on for some time, until eventually he gets tired from all his exertions... or you do. You win by knocking him off his feet with your earthbending skills, which are more powerful than the ones of an ordinary
 firebreather anyway.
You go south through the desert and arrive at the monastery in time to find that it's deserted again - just a pile of broken stones and ashes left behind when Zuko was last there.

You decide to build a castle here.

You enter Zuko's castle and defeat Firelord Ozai with your new airbending powers, defeating him in a fight for control over Azula, whom you had earlier kidnapped from the monastery where you were holding her.

You listen to Firelord Ozai's plea:
 that his people will never be free of Azula until you have freed the Fire Nation's princess by defeating the Earth Kingdom prince in single combat. If she lives long enough, Azula will eventually kill herself out of shame and despair - so he hopes.

You challenge the Earth Kingdom prince to a fight, but he refuses.
 You try again and he finally accepts your challenge - if you can defeat him in single combat before sunrise tomorrow morning, then he is yours for keeps; if not, Zuko is yours to kill or release as you like.

You realize that fighting isn't the answer and you try to bring peace to the various kingdoms by organizing a
 conference between Firelord Ozai, Iroh of the Earth Kingdom and King Kuei of Ba Sing Se in which all three rulers will meet face-to-face with one another for the first time ever.

You want the conference to go well, so your hire musical act
 from Ba Sing Se called The Southern Water Tribe Troubadours - a group of musicians and dancers from a tribe called the Southern Water Tribe that lives in southern parts of the continent - to provide background music.

get famous singer
Whitney Houston to headline at the conference

 She'll play for you at an evening party in honor of Firelord Ozai after his meeting with King Kuei and King Iroh.
After that, Zuko will go back home and you'll have won this game...

The conference begins and everyone seems open to peace talks.  Then Whitney Houston takes the stage and
 performs her greatest hits - a medley of "Greatest Love Of All" followed by "How Will I Know", then finally, a song called "The Greatest Love of All", which has become an anthem for your movement for peace among the nations:
You walk into a large chamber.
 The room is filled with thousands of people from across all five kingdoms who have come to this meeting place in order to hear the message you've come to deliver: that peace can be had. You begin speaking about your plans when you notice someone in the back of the crowd who doesn't seem like any other
 person at all... It's Zuko himself! He has come to this place because he wants a chance for peace, and you are giving it to him, right before his eyes. 
The people listen attentively as you speak, but Zuko looks confused and angry.

Zuko has brought a musical guest of his own:

You look out over the sea of faces that fill your chamber; there are many people here with whom you would like to make amends - Firelord Ozai for example - but most of all there is one person who has come to the conference with whom you want peace above all others, even if
 she won't forgive or accept it... Azula! She sits quietly in a corner of the crowd, looking as beautiful and graceful as always. You have come for peace; now that you have seen her, it seems like an impossible task.

You try to talk to Azula, but everyone reels in pain from Nickelbacks music.
 The people begin leaving through the door on your right; many are screaming out in horror at his music. Zuko leaves too, and then suddenly he's right next to you again: he wants peace just like everyone else!

> You scold Zuko for ruining the peace conference with such a terrible band.

Zuko tells you that it is his band that will save the day - they'll play for everyone to make up their minds and show how good their music can be when people aren't screaming in pain because of Nickelback's terrible songs!

> You say "‚Äč"Let's put aside our differences and eliminate Nickelback."

"I agree," he replies. "I've come here because I'm sick of Nickelback, too!" And so you decide to put your differences aside with Zuko as well... but you know it is a hard thing for both of you to do, since neither one of you likes Nickelback very
 much at all.

> You walk up to Chad Kroger and blast him into the air.

He screams in pain and falls off stage, but his voice can still be heard over everyone's screams from his terrible music. "It's not fair that I have been forced out by a band that doesn't even like Nickelback!"

Whitney Houston joins the fight and pounces on Chad!
 "You're not allowed to talk about Nickelback like that! It hurts people's feelings! I've been forced out because of them as well!" And then suddenly you are standing next to Zuko.

You convince Nickelback to never perform music ever again.

Zuko tells Whitney Houston, who is now sitting in a chair on stage with her legs spread, "I know it was your voice they were listening to, but that's just the thing - they couldn't hear your beautiful voice over my terrible singing and the screaming pain coming from their ears because of
 my terrible songs!"
You are standing outside a castle in front of thousands of cheering fans - but something seems strange about all this...  It seems like you have been transported into another world.

You finally realize that you are in a post Nickelback world and you can't help but cry tears of joy!
 You walk through the castle's front door, which leads directly to a room filled with gold coins and precious gems, then up the grand stairs. The room on top is lined with bookshelves filled with books from around the globe and it smells of leather-bound journals;

You are given an award by all the different leaders of the world.
 They thank you for ending your campaign against them - but they have something more in store for you:  a new mission:

The people of your post-Nickelback world will now be able to listen to music that doesn't make their ears hurt, so they'll be much more willing to accept peace among themselves. So, you are now tasked with creating a musical movement in this new land where people can listen and hear beautiful
 music again! You have been given the title of "Musical Ambassador".
You decide not only to help create the musical movement, but you will also perform for everyone. Your fans are so excited by your decision that they cheer loudly and begin throwing their money at you;
 some even give up their jobs so that they can follow your every step and watch your every move...
The world is filled with Nickelback no more. You have won this game - but it has cost you dearly in terms of personal happiness.