AI Generated America’s Most Wanted

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You are John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted.  Tonight's is dedicated to a single criminal:
 the man who killed your son, Adam.
The front door slams shut and Michael comes barreling into the room. "What?" he snarls angrily. He looks like he hasn't slept in days -- his eyes are sunken and dark bags hang beneath them;

 his face is pale and sweaty with stress. His once-fine suit is stained and torn at the knees.
"I've got something you want!"
Michael pushes past you and rushes downstairs.

You think Michael is acting extremally suspicious, so you decide to follow him.
 You hurry out the front door and head north down the driveway. The gatekeeper watches you leave as Michael disappears around the corner.
Michael walks quickly along the sidewalk, heading east.
He keeps walking until he reaches a narrow alley between two brick buildings.

You see Michael enter one of the buildings, you catch the door before it locks and walk in.  You explain your thoughts directly to the camera:
 "Michael is acting strangely! I'm following him now."
The camera zooms out on Michael, who appears to be entering an apartment building.
You follow Michael inside.
You see Michael enter an elevator and press a button.

You notice Michael enter
 a room with a large bed. There are several other rooms around the apartment, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else here.
You can hear someone talking from the bedroom.
"...but what if she does get better?
 What then?"
"Then we have a problem," says a man's voice.
You look through the window next to the door. It's a private bathroom.
Adam is standing at the sink, washing his hands.

You realize Micahel is working with the Yakuza.  You remember seeing the last moments of Adam's life.
  You know exactly where to find Michael, and you're going to make sure that he pays for killing Adam.
You run upstairs and burst into the bedroom.
Michael stands by the bed.

You pull out your gun and ask, "Where is my son, where is Adam!?"

Michael smiles evilly. "All right, let's go back to the beginning."
He pulls out a knife, and you realize that Michael really planned this all along.
Michael stabs himself in the heart -- and is instantly healed.

Adam enters the room and has his throat slit.  Then Michael hops out of the 7th story window and disappears.  You hold your dying son and look directly into camera with tears streaming and say, "If you or a loved one have any information on the whereabouts of 'Michael', please call the toll free hotline..."

You are in the parking lot.
You are in the living room.  The television is still playing.
You put the remote control down and pick up the phone.
You dial the police number.

You tell the police of Michael's last known wherabouts.

You give them the address and Michael's description.
The police arrive at the house.
They open the door and search the premises.
You explain to the police everything you've seen, including the conversation with Michael about how he would have murdered Adam.

Years pass, and no further information is phoned in about your son's killer... until
Someone calls the hotline and tells you that they saw Michael in a storeroom of a local pet shop.
You rush over to the store and listen in on their conversation.  They're talking about a dog that just died.

You have police surround the building and you attempt to arrest Michael.

But Michael slips away, running north toward the park.
You look around, wondering where Michael might have gone.
You see Michael is hiding behind a tree in the park.
Michael is watching you with cold eyes and a cruel smile.

​You talk to the camera
 again: "This is the place Michael was spotted earlier today. We've got to stop him!"
The police move in on Michael.
You take out your gun and shoot Michael.
Michael falls to the ground.

You shoot him again and unload your entire clip into his chest.

Michael's body crumbles to dust.
Michael's necklace shatters, revealing a piece of paper.
You pick up the piece of paper and read it.
It reads:
 Dear Mr. Walsh,
 I know what you did.
 That night.
 That horrible thing you did.
 But I forgive you. I know you didn't mean to hurt me.
 Because I love you.
 Forever and always.

You explain the details
 of the note to the police, and you show them the remains of Michael's body.  The police confirm that Michael committed the murders of the store owners and Adam.
Michael is arrested and put in jail.

You look into camera and say, "No one must ever find out what happened that dark day... tune in next week
 to the America's Most Wanted special, 'The Wrath of God'!"
You turn off the TV and walk over to Adam's gravestone.
You kneel down at the gravesite and kiss the top of the headstone.

You whisper some parting words to your son:

"I am sorry, my darling son. I will never forgive myself for letting you down. I hope you understand."
And then you stand up and walk away.
You leave the cemetery and return to the mansion.