A YouTuber called Greg Poop

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Your whole YouTube channel is about eating poop from different animals. Your channel is styled in the likeness of the show Survivor, except every challenge is replaced by eating poop.

> You go to the bathroom You step outside and look around, but see nothing out of place. You walk back inside and find that you have locked yourself in your room. The door slams shut behind you and you hear the toilet flush.

You look at who emerges from the bathroom and it's none other than Jeff Probst. Jeff tells you that you need to shutdown your YouTube channel.

He says that he has been trying to contact you for weeks now. He wants to know if you want to come on his show, which would be filmed live right here in front of everyone!

You ask "Will there be poop for eating?".

He replies with an affirmative.

You agree and realize that Jeff has tricked you and your are now contractually obligated to be on the next season of Survivor. You land on the island and immediately start looking for animal poop to eat.

The first thing you do is take some dog shit and put it in your mouth. It tastes awful, but you figure you can't really complain since this is supposed to be a TV show. After all, you're not exactly starving on this island!

You take another bite of dogshit and wink at the other survivors in a total power move.

After a few more bites of crap, you decide that maybe you should just eat human feces instead. You get up off the ground and begin to search through the garbage dumpsters nearby. You find a plastic bag full of human waste. You open it up and shove the contents into your mouth. This is much better than dogshit because it isn't as gross.

You realize it's Jeff's poop. Jeff apologizes for tricking you and tells you there will be a fresh bag of his shit that he will leave for you in the dumpster every day.

"See? I told you so!" you say.

The next day you win the Immunity Challenge when pull out a fresh turd from your pocket and eat it in the middle of the obstacle course forcing everyone else to vomit and be disqualified.


You win the challenge and the immunity idol for the week.

> You episode 3: The First Day Day 1: You wake up early and make breakfast for the group. Everyone eats and thanks you profusely for saving them from starvation. Everyone is happy and you feel good about what you've accomplished today. Later that night, you sit down to watch the latest episode of Survivor.

You reveal to the group that you have been cooking and serving them Greg Pobst's human feces for breakfast.

You explain how you found out about the show while watching T.V. with your sister and decided to try to imitate the food. You also mention that you plan on using the tribe's shelter as a toilet. Everyone is amazed by your accomplishment, especially the older women who were probably too busy having sex or drinking alcohol earlier in the day.

one of the elderly contestants finds you using the tribes shelter as a toilet. You continue pooping as you make very intense eye contact with her. A total power move. Flash forward to tribal council.

A man named John Smith is selected as one of the four remaining players in the game. He is joined by two others; Tina Wesson and Mary "Chicken Man" Chieffo. All three of them are very confident about their chances of winning. You sit across from John Smith and are surprised to learn that he is actually a woman named Julie.

You stir the pot and get Julie voted off the island.

She was the only female left in the game. Back at camp, you notice that everyone is getting along well again. Julie is still the most popular person in the tribe. In fact she is considered the leader of the tribe. One day while everyone is sleeping, you suddenly awaken to find that Julie has fallen asleep on top of you.

You let Julie smell your poo breathe and kiss her.

She wakes up and kisses you back. You then proceed to give her head. You both fall back onto the ground and start making love like rabbits. Julie begins to tell you that she doesn't think you will last until the end of the game. You reply that you don't care and that you'll enjoy it regardless of whether you win or lose.

Flash forward to the final tribal council, it's you versus Mary the Chicken Man. Jeff holds the envelope revealing the winner and winks and you before he opens it.

It's you! You celebrate by going over to Julie and giving her a big hug and kissing her on the lips. She hugs you back and gives you a peck on the cheek. You both smile and laugh together. Then you both turn to each other and embrace. The rest of the castaways congratulate you and you return to camp.

You use your million dollar prize to buy an Asian elephant farm and fill a trough with shit for all your friends on the cast to enjoy with you.

> You episode 4: The Second Day Day 2: You wake up early to prepare for the second day of the game. You spend the morning preparing for the challenge. The challenge consists of throwing sticks at targets set up around the jungle. Each team must throw a certain number of sticks in a specific order in order to hit a target located somewhere in the jungle.

Ignore the game and let someone else win, you've already won all the elephant shit you can eat.

As the sun rises, you gather some sticks and go out to the beach where you throw them at the targets. You manage to hit several targets, but unfortunately none land in the designated area. Your teammates congratulate you and you are feeling pretty great about yourself. You even manage to pick up a couple of these sticks on the way home.

You come across a pile of animal shit in the jungle. It looks scary and possibly poisonous but it is to irresistable to not try it. It's so exotic.

You decide to take a quick break and grab some fruit for lunch. When you arrive at your campsite, you see that you forgot to pack anything. You quickly check your backpack and find nothing out of place. You're hungry so you eat some fruit and a few pieces of meat from your dead friend.