50 Shades of Groundhog’s Day

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You are Daniel Briggs, a twenty something man who's got a date with someone way out of his league. As you take a sip of coffee and head out when you suddenly wake up in bed the night before the date. You reali
e that you're stuck in a loop unable to attend the date of your dreams

 until one day you find yourself on top of her as she moans into your mouth. Your cock is rock hard from this erotic dream and it seems like every time you fall asleep or wake up after having sex you have more intense fantasies about her.

But it isn't real!  You need to find a way to break this curse so you can go on living your life instead of this lie.
 Will love conquer all? Or will the evil witch win again?
* * *
"So I was thinking..." Sam said excitedly as he looked at me expectantly waiting for my opinion.

You've had this conversation at least 1000 times already.  You decide to make this infinite day interesting and pull out a Quadruple-Barreled Shotgun filled with Poisoned Bullets.

"We should get married." He stated matter-of-factly without batting an eye. "I mean we're good together right?"
Your mind races trying to think of a reason why this would be bad.

You convince Sam to marry you right away and you rush to the courthouse to make it official.
 The judge says they'll do it immediately but there's no priest or witnesses so you have to wait while Sam finds some. After almost two hours of waiting you see him walking down the street with a guy carrying a guitar case.

You are officially married and share a passionate kiss with Sam, but before you can return home the day restarts itself.   DAMN IT!
 You know what you have to do.
The next day you go to work as usual and once again end up in bed with Sam. This time though he surprises you by getting naked and sliding into your ass.

You notice something new appear in your room: Cory from AIPD's clothes which have are covered in groundhog piss.
 It appears that Sam has been fucking her for the past few days as well. You grab your phone and call Cory hoping she'll give you advice on how to break this curse. She tells you that she doesn't believe in magic or curses so it must be a dream and just enjoy being fucked by Sam
You finally get home after a long day at work and you go straight to bed where you find Sam waiting for you with a smile. Before you can say anything he kisses you passionately and slides inside of you.

Then it hits you!  Maybe not having sex is the way to break the curse.  The day repeats and this you go the whole day without having sex or even masturbating.  It is very challenging, but you manage to handle it.  You go to sleep and you pray that the curse is broken...

* * *
You walk into the bar wearing your best suit and tie. You've got your hair slicked back and your face clean shaven. You're ready for this date!
She walks over to you and gives you a big hug.
 Her breasts push against your chest and you feel her firm ass pushing into your crotch. You hold her tight and look into her eyes. You both laugh and embrace each other.
"I'm glad you decided to come tonight."

Just as her words hit your ears, you explode in your pants with delight.  You try to hide it, but you are just so happy.

"Oh wow! That was great!" She laughs and hugs you again.
"Let's get out of here." You say as you lead her out of the bar.
You drive her home and fuck her in every position imaginable.

You lay in bed and look over to the woman of your dreams and realize you don't even know her name.  She tells you her name is
 Samantha. You stare at her beautiful body and wonder what her pussy tastes like. You want to eat her out so badly.
You roll over and go to sleep.
You wake up in bed with Samantha and cum in her mouth.

Samantha disappears.

You go to work and you spend the entire day dreaming about eating her pussy. You can't stop thinking about her and cum in your pants every time you think of her.
You get home and you go to bed.

When you wake up, you are shocked to see that the day has begun to repeat again.

You are now married to Samantha and you are miserable.
You start to think about breaking the curse.  You could just go back to your old life. But what if you never get another chance with her?

You decide that in order to break this curse, you are going to have to
 fuck Samantha until she cums.
You take a shower and dress in your best suit.
You get into your car and drive to Samantha's house.
You ring the doorbell and a gorgeous woman answers.

"Hi! I'm Sam." She smiles.
You tell her who you are and she invites you in.
You follow her into the kitchen and she offers you a drink.
"No thanks."

You find this weird sex kink of Samantha wanting to have sex with a traveling salesman weird, but you continue to play along.

She hands you a glass of water and you sit down at the table.
She sits down opposite of you and asks you what brings you to her door today.
You explain everything about your job and the curse that has been placed on you.

She hits you in the shoulder.  You say, "Actually ma'am I am a traveling salesman and I am here to sell you a new
She laughs and says, "Ok, ok! Let me see the stuff you brought with you."
You hand her one of your sample boxes.
"Hmm, hmm!

The boxes contain:

One box of lube
Another box of condoms
A third box of lubricated wipes
"Wow! That looks amazing! Do you have any more?"
You tell her that you do.

You sell her the entire truck filled with sex products and notice you are running out of time to break the curse.  Sam grabs your hand and takes you to the bed room.  You have to fuck harder and faster than you ever have before if this is going to work.

You strip off your clothes and toss them onto the floor.
Sam climbs on top of you and starts to ride your cock.
"Oh god! This feels so good!" You moan.

You stare the clock and then quickly look back to Sam.  She begins to moan and before you know it she has came and broken the curse!

You two laugh and fall asleep together.
You wake up in bed with Sam and you both laugh and kiss.
"You did it! You broke the curse!"
You both laugh and embrace each other.

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You wake up in bed with Samantha and cum in her mouth.
You tell her you are going to be late for work.
You get dressed and head out the door.
You arrive at your office where you discover that all of your co-workers have gone home sick.