RIP AI Dungeon

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RIP AI Dungeon. 🙁 If you haven’t heard already, AIPD will no longer be streaming AI Dungeon. This isn’t just because of the latest drama with privacy, but it is the last straw of a company that just doesn’t listen to it’s community. I can no longer justify paying $10/month to a company that constantly does whatever it wants instead of actually improving the game.

I have cancelled my Gold subscription and using a fan made script downloaded all of our stories from their site. As soon as I get a chance to convert them into a WordPress safe import file, ALL of our stories will be added here!

But alternatives are in the works! NovelAI seems to be where most players have flocked to. But since that isn’t even in alpha stages, I don’t anticipate it being ready for a while. (UPDATE: it’s out, check out NovelAI with their free trial right now!)

Another alternative is AI Dungeon Clover Edition, which has recently been updated to work with GPT-Neo. I have this hooked up and ready to go with K9000, AIPD’s Discord Bot.

For the time being, though, we will be exploring new games. I personally felt a little burned out by AI Dungeon. It’s still fun as hell and a great creative tool, but after 378 episodes totaling over 1100+ stories, it is time to explore other games. I might toss in a GPT-Neo powered adventure every once and a while, we’ll see!

AIPD will stream on, we’ll still be on Twitch and we will continue to make yuk yuks for y’all. 🍌

RIP AI Dungeon 💔

More info about FILTERGEDDON: Remember what they took from you and also checkout our AI Dungeon stories.

UPDATE: AIPD is now streaming NovelAI!