Goopsea & Chat: An Interactive AI Cartoon

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Goopsea & Chat

Have you ever wished you could interact with your favorite cartoon characters? Thanks to the power of AI and technology, that dream is now a reality with “Goopsea & Chat,” an interactive AI cartoon powered by Unity, Nodejs, KoboldAI, OpenAI, Google Cloud TTS, and Streamer Bot.

Meet the Characters

The cartoon stars three lovable characters: Goopsea, Woadie, and Jack. Goopsea is a humorous overweight cat who always seems to get into mischief. Woadie is a blissfully ignorant frog dog who is always up for an adventure. Jack is their awkward goofball owner who tries his best to keep up with his quirky pets.

Goopsea on a cat tree

Goopsea on his cat tree

Jack at work at the transmission plant

Jack at work at the transmission plant

Woadie sitting on a table at O' Gardenios

Woadie sitting on a table at O’ Gardenios

Interacting with the Stream

During the show, viewers can interact with the stream using Twitch channel points and suggesting prompts. This allows the audience to have an active role in the story, making it a truly unique and immersive experience. Whether it’s suggesting a silly scenario or helping the characters overcome a challenge, viewers can become a part of the show in a way that was never before possible.

The Technology Behind “Goopsea & Chat”

The technology behind “Goopsea & Chat” is impressive. Unity is a powerful game engine that allows for immersive 3D graphics and animations. Nodejs is used for the server-side logic, and KoboldAI and OpenAI provide the artificial intelligence that powers the characters’ interactions. Google Cloud TTS is used for text-to-speech, and Streamer Bot helps manage the Twitch stream.

The result is a fun and engaging cartoon that is perfect for all ages. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it’s all thanks to the power of AI and technology.

Tune In and Be a Part of the Adventure

If you’re interested in watching “Goopsea & Chat,” be sure to tune into the Twitch stream at The show is live Monday through Friday at 6:30pm Eastern, so there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the characters and be a part of the story. You can also check out the YouTube channel at for past episodes and highlights.

In conclusion, “Goopsea & Chat” is an innovative and exciting example of how AI and technology can be used to create immersive and interactive experiences. With its lovable characters and engaging storyline, it’s sure to become a favorite for viewers of all ages. So why not tune in and become a part of the adventure?