Adventure Bot: An Improvised Choose Your Own Adventure Story by AI & Humans

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What is Adventure Bot?

Adventure Bot is a custom AI storytelling bot created by Jason (hey that’s me!).

AB follows this simple gameplay loop:

  1. The streamer writes an initial story prompt or action.
  2. Three AI responses are generated (AI generation powered by KoboldAI‘s API).
  3. Chat votes for their favorite AI response and the top response is added to the story.

And that’s it!

An example AB’s AI generated options

Can I play?

Yes! (sort of) The bot is still in very early alpha stages, but the goal is to make it easier to setup and it is open source!


Adventure Bot Source
Adventure Bot Overlay Source

YouTube Playlist of bot in action

Or if reading is more your thing, check out the story archive.
If you are having trouble setting up, please let me know. There is a lot of hardcoded stuff for a single stream and experimental stuff in the code base that is no longer hooked up, but if your familiar with bot setup you should be able to figure it out.

If you are a programmer familiar with Node.js and looking to help, please join the Discord and hit me up!