Picture of Jason

tl;dr I make funny stuff with AI

I’m Jason, Chief at AIPD! I write adventure stories live on Twitch using AI Storytelling programs (NovelAI, KoboldAI, AI Dungeon, etc.) and audience suggestions.

Founded in February 2020, AIPD was intended to be a weekly show playing AI Dungeon in front of a live audience. The crew would perform at a local karaoke bar and stream to Twitch every Sunday night. After a test performance at my house, the crew had their first show to an audience of one (thanks Mitch H).

Then the pandemic hit and lockdown begun. I was frustrated, yet still determined decided to start streaming every night until the lockdown was over. Assisted by Tony and Jim, the crew regularly took guests through the incredibly fun and totally random depths of the game. Hilarious tales were written of romances, mysteries, fantasy, noir, and more. Cory had his first guest appearance September 21st, 2020, and became a regular cohost shortly after.

But all good things came to an end when AI Dungeon took a nosedive after FILTERGEDDON. (More info: RIP AI Dungeon and Remember what they took from you)

After much consideration, I stopped playing AI Dungeon and pivoted again to variety streaming. After some fun times playing party games with viewers and exploring Rim World, I took a short break. And then an AI Dungeon competitor, NovelAI, rose to take it’s place… which didn’t take long!

Fast forward to present times, I am still at it and continue to stream wacky AI generated adventures on Twitch! Currently I am streaming an interactive AI cartoon: Goopsea & Chat

I actively stream improvised AI generated adventure stories on Twitch: twitch.tv/aipd

Or checkout animations, edits, and VODs on our YouTube: youtube.com/@aipd